April Birthstone - Diamond

April 05, 2020

"Diamond is the April birthstone. It can be uncut and raw, or smooth and shiny – either way, the diamond is a hard-knock-ride-or-die-4eva kinda rock. Yeah, those still exist."

A diamond is fearless. It’s strong, amplified by integrity and intention, and vibrates with our crown chakra, so you know it’s the real deal. It’s a crazy powerful stone that enhances inner vision. It brings purity, and clear positive resolution of issues that niggle at our soul, especially after realizing and admitting that our perception, expectation or approach may have been wrong. 

They say that diamonds are especially potent when set in gold and worn on the left arm. 

Diamonds work together with other crystals to accentuate their vibratory, healing qualities, and it just amplifies everything it touches. Beware, though, because negative energies will also be amplified by a diamond. So stay on the sunny side of life. But that ain’t too hard when you’ve got your diamond sidekick with you.

A few of our Indonesian origin diamonds mined by artisanal miners

Arkansas diamond ring in gold


  • Imagination
  • Personal strength 
  • Energy amplification 
  • Clarity 
  • Truth 

Use for:

  • Celebrating a love of any kind
  • When you're writing your memoir and need an imagination boost 
  • When you feel intimidated at parent-teacher meetings and need fortitude 
  • Channeling your inner Marilyn Monroe, dousing yourself with Champagne, naked, save for your bling

Give to: 

  • April babies
  • Your partner on your 10th and 60th anniversary
  • Or really, give to anyone at all. No one can say no to a diamond.

Tough love level

10 Mohs. She’s a hard-knock rock, alright.

My fave diamond pieces: 


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