Peridot. Even the name itself evokes images of luscious flavors, exotic flowers and the piquant, tange aroma of spices. This beauty only comes in green. It reminds you with the green leaves in the spring, so alive in its rarity.

It’s a bit of an underdog, this one; the peridot doesn’t receive nearly enough praise, but it’s a remarkable stone with remarkable roots. Peridot is born in molten rock, and only surfaces by way of an earthquake or volcanic eruption. 

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It’s basic form, the olivine, comes from meteorites and comets that were formed billions of years ago. Some of that stardust must have rubbed off on those born under its spell, because those born under the warm August sun are the embodiment of a peridot’s magic: gentle, fiery, layers of flavor, scintillating brimming with life.  

Use the peridot as a talisman, a physical reminder of just how precious you are, how you radiate warmth wherever you go. It’s all about the good vibes with this stone.

Get to know the peridot better

Stacking silver ring with peridot and emerald.

Namesake:the arabic faridat, meaning ‘gem’

Tough love level: 6-7/10 Mohs scale of hardness

Use For:

  • Protection against the evil eye or your friendly neighborhood gossip girl 

  • Getting over a break-up

  • When you need to remember where you’ve misplaced your wallet or your mind 

  • Making friends with those butterflies in your tummy 

  • Reminding yourself of how amazing you truly are


  • Transformation

  • Healing

  • Rebirth

  • Wellbeing

  • Joy

  • Detox

  • Healthy thoughts

  • Fearlessness

Give to:

  • August superstars

  • Your better half on your first anniversary, or 16th anniversary

  • Your sister who studied super hard to get into university

Raw peridot silver ring for everyday wear.

These are some of my fave pieces. Which peridot calls out to you?

Chic silver peridot hidden gems necklace.
Everyday silver peridot and moonstone earrings.
Dainty silver peridot ring.

Necklaces, and earrings, and rings, oh my! Check out all the gorgeous peridot jewelry that we offer, or click any of the photos to head straight to my favorite peridot pieces!

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