Spinel is the magical underdog that often gets mistaken for rubies or sapphires. They’re a special kind of stone that’s definitely worth getting to know. Spinel is a soothing stone that brings with it a calming energy. And who doesn’t want that?

Spinel actually comes in many colors, and their strengths also come color-coded. Red spinel is supposed to boost vitality, while pink and green spinels are said to fuel love and compassion. Violet spinel magnifies spiritual development, and yellow is like sunshine to the intellect.

Montana Garnet and Spinel Rose Gold Ring

It’s a high-energy stone and is commonly used to attract wealth and prosperity. It pulses with life and dispenses that sweet, sweet nectar in a thick, juicy smoothie, infused with vibrancy and a jolt of heartfelt positivity.

Someone once said that spinel can stabilise one to this earth plane while still choreographing a dance of energy up towards the stars.

Spinel and Moonstone Ring in Silver

Namesake:The latin spina, meaning ‘arrow’ or ‘thorn’, because spinel in their raw form are sharp crystals; or the Greek word for ‘spark’.

Tough Love Level: 8/10 Mohs


  • Grounding

  • Vitality 

  • Kundalini

  • High energy 

  • Confidence 

  • Prosperity  

  • Life force 

  • Sharp intellect 

  • Persistence and determination 

Give to:

  • August babes

  • Your friendly neighborhood healer

  • Your first love

  • Your spouse on your 22nd anniversary  

Use for:

  • Spring cleaning your soul

  • Healing what ails you

  • Preparing for a big presentation

  • Powering your big marathons and small victories

  • Saying bye to anxiety

  • Setting up a new business

Rough Spinel Ring in Silver

My fave spinel pieces:

Octagon Spinel Ring in Eco Gold
Pink Ceylon Spinel Ring in Eco Gold
Black Spinel Necklace in Silver

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