December Birthstone - Tanzanite

December 02, 2019

Tanzanite holds the power of the source. It isfrom Africa after all - and that's where we all came from, right? Born in the Merelani Hills in East Africa, tanzanite walks with a stride that is buoyed by trust and intuition. Among its metaphysical buddies, tanzanite is one of the big ones. The Queen Bee. The Prom Queen, if prom queens were super nice, and profound, and enlightened. Basically, tanzanite is the shit. 

Its high vibrational energy ushers in protection and safety while travelling to higher realms, and it encourages deep meditation that bridges the heart with the mind. 

It's great for all you psychics out there, but for those of us that hang out here in middle earth with the masses, tanzanite is especially useful in the workplace, as it facilitates the flow of communication and makes you have a way with words. (Get it, girl.) 

Tanzanite glows from the heart. So, if you didn't get that, it's a heart crystal. It vibes with emotions - compassion, empathy, softness and sympathy. It's a good-hearted stone that'll help balance out your tough (self) love. From head to heart to hand, tanzanite's the one. 

Namesake: Tanzania, its motherland
Vibes: High energy | Clairvoyance | Transformation | Protection | Empathy | Intuition | Self-awakening | Communication | Healing | Courage 
Use for: 
  • Your quest for the meaning of life 
  • Getting the courage and clarity for a career change 
  • Overcoming fear and crises, and re-building trust 
  • Speaking your heart's truth 
  • Naturally slipping into altered states, whether therapeutic or recreational
  • Finding a solution when you think there is definitely no way out (there's always a way out, btw) 
  • Negotiations, in business or life 
  • A lucky charm at AA or NA meetings 
  • Surviving a painful divorce 
  • Time travel 

Tough love level: 6.5-7 Mohs

Give to: Your partner of 24 years. Your local psychic or your local non-profit volunteer (they can be one and the same). Those who are lucky (or unlucky) enough to share their birthday with Christmas. Your mama. 

Our fave tanzanite pieces: 

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