December Birthstone - Turquoise

December 13, 2019

She's an old rolling stone, been around the block and back. Turquoise's fame goes back, like, way back; she's travelling beauty. From Ancient Egypt, China, and Persia to the markets of Venice and the tombs of the Aztecs. 

Prehistoric Indiant priests used to wear it in ceremonies when calling on the great spirit of the sky. She's been around, but she's not worn down, no way. These experiences have created calcified layers on her rich history. She ain't no one-hit wonder, rather, she's still the world's biggest pop star. 

Why's that? Well, turquoise carries humankind's secret recipe to success: balance. She's the Goldilocks of the gang of greats, and she holds it down so that each aspect of your life is tight as hell. Work. Play. Love. Head. Heart. Hand. They all get their fair share of energy, because that's how turquoise rolls. 

Turquoise also fortifies as it calms. It's like aloe vera for over-fried hair. Hence, it builds up strength and smacks down stress, making you into a super human being. When you can be truly human, you can be truly you. That's the best kind of freedom there is. 

Fun Fact

The French pierre turquoise, meaning 'Turkish stone', because merchants often found the stone in Turkish bazaars


Balance / Health / Immortality / Friendship / Protection / Heritage / Luck / Leadership / Self-acceptance / Prayer / Healing / Communication 

Use for

Lifting your spirits / Clearing nasty smog from your own personal atmosphere / Breaking writer's block / Beating jet lag / Anti-hysteria, but also to snap down anyone who calls you hysteric when you're just expressing natural human emotions / Calming your nerves when public speaking / Your third eye during meditation / Uniting earth and sky on your lunch break / A bit of extra protection against bad luck, bad radio jingles, and bad people

Tough love level: 5-6 Mohs

Give to: Your partner of 11 years, or your partner of 5 years / The President of your Dolly Parton fan club / Your local sensei / December babies who listen to The Decemberists. 

My fave turquoise pieces: 


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