January Birthstone - Garnet

January 03, 2020

Garnet helps with negative thought patterns, blesses you with confidence and builds up those positive vibes. It's a stone of sensual and passionate love as much as it is a symbol of loyalty, trust and protection.

Back in the day, the garnet was prized by ancient warriors who believed the lush-hued stone brought them victory and had medicinal curative properties, especially related to wounds. It’s also said to be effective in healing health problems linked to the heart, lungs, and blood; and do away with inflammatory disorders and hemorrhaging. It’s believed that a garnet that loses its shine and luster is a sign of impending disaster.

The glowing red-orange hue that the garnet is known for isn’t its only manifestation; garnets come in many colors, like black, green, or even colorless. But don’t we all love a deep and fiery dose of red?


The pomegranate


Good health / Lasting friendship / Peace / Detoxing / Potent

Use for: 

Protection against bad dreams and crazy exes / Relief after too much partying / A pick-me-up while PMS-ing / Those days when the dark force is too strong to handle, and the Evil Eye is giving you the stink eye

Tough love level: 6.5–7.5 Mohs. The garnet is a hard rock. It doesn’t easily scratch or break. 

Give to: 

January babies / Your spouse for your second anniversary / Also to friends and lovers that are about to travel, as the garnet is symbolic of a quick return and mends the broken bonds of lovers. 

My fave garnet pieces: 




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