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It’s such a shame that English only has one word for ‘love’, when in reality, love is so multi-faceted, so complex, so surreal. It exists on a spectrum with splashes of pain, anguish, hatred, jealousy, patience, kindness, peace, and joy mixed in. So many intense varieties for one feeling.

It’s amazing how such a small, simple word can contain everything imaginable that makes life worth living (or not, to some people). Love is indeed, ‘a many splendored thing’.

When we’re in love - whether it’s with our spouses, our friends and families, furbabies, or even the things we find enriching in life - it’s hard to define exactly what love means to us. And it’s not like we can cheat and copy how someone else defines love. Everyone has their own love story.

Lovin’ is easier said than done.

That’s why we think it’s important for everyone to take a moment to figure out what the word means to them. Just like we have our own definition of success and happiness, you can grow into your own definition of love and figure out how it fits into your life.

Did you know that gemstones are associated with specific things? Like the intricate language of flowers, gemstones can speak a secret language for you. To share, to enjoy on your own, to shout to the world. And combining them speaks a complete story in physical form, sort of like holding a sparkly book.


Good for:those whose love life need more boundaries and balancing.

Give, give, give, give, give. You’re someone who gives like there’s no tomorrow, you give like you have nothing to lose. But everyone has a limit. And it wasn’t until you went over it, you realized; you’ve gone too far. 

We do so much in the name of love, sometimes we forget the first person we should love is ourselves. For those who need reminders that it’s okay to have boundaries, there’s few things we can learn from ruby and sapphires.

These two gemstones are the biggest contenders to diamonds in toughness, but they’re often shoved aside because they’re not as ‘expensive’ as diamonds (thanks, De Beers!). Throughout history, however, rubies and sapphires have gone to war, shielding warriors from agonizing deaths.

They aren’t just pretty little things decorating crowns, they have protective qualities you can rely on. This is one of our favorite things about rubies and sapphires. They give a love which is active, fearless, and real. They’ll give you an extra bounce in your step, and the confidence to protect yourself. For the all important ‘me time’ when you can show yourself some love.


Good for:those whose love lives are going through hardships, or in the process of reconciliation.

Love needs a little bit of faith to grow. Faith in yourself, in your partner, and in the relationship. Faith that you had made the right decisions; and that whatever happens, things will come full circle and you’ll be fine. This kind of surrender is terrifying. But it’s often the biggest learning that we get from loving someone wholeheartedly.

The shy pink morganite finds solace nestled between its guardians, the two brightest red stones, garnet and ruby. Together they remind us of the strength of the heart – tender and soft inside, bold and fierce outside. 

Because healing is a tough journey to undertake. You need to know when to push through and when to pause to take a breather, when to give tough love and when to give way to something softer.

The two opposing energies help us balance throughout the delicate moments in a relationship, those turbulent moments when you need to find something to keep you steady.


Good for:those who find love difficult.

Love is an unpredictable force you have zero control over. For some, love is a meandering road rather than an open highway. And your journey is valid, even if you’re muddling through intense emotional self-doubt. Love is a slow self discovery of wants and needs.

For those seeking to redefine the meaning of love; maybe platonic love is where it's at right now, or maybe your heart yearns for familial love. Maybe your love of discovery is a budding flower you’ve been focusing on nurturing. It’s time to look outside of the automatic assumption that love is romantic.

Thinking outside the box of norms that we’re saddled with as we grow up is a challenge worth taking. It’s a little like combining gemstone colors which aren’t traditionally put together. Like the lime green of a peridot and the soft pink of a morganite, or a lush blue sapphire and fiery red garnet. Finding your own color combinations and finding your own definitions of love is a journey worth going on.

If you’re struggling to figure out how love can fit into your life now, we just want to say “hey, you’re okay”. If there’s anything that gemstones can teach us is that things can drastically change with a little nudge. Like how trace elements can shift sapphires to rubies, you just need that little nudge to see how love can be tailored uniquely to you.

Love stories are more than the fairy tale romances we grew up with. It’s adventure and horror, comedy and tragedy. It’s a unique combination of our unique experiences. Curating the love we have in our life is kinda like curating our own jewelry set.

So what’s your love story? Tell  us your stories and let us help you capture those moments through your jewelry. Check out our custom birthstone jewelry in gold and silver to start your own journey beyond jewelry!