There’s no denying the allure of a deep, crimson ruby. People knew its charm back then and they know it now - ruby is one of four special stones that make all the girls come to the yard (along with emerald, diamond and sapphire). The ruby is drenched in lore and has got quite the entourage, from Kublai Khan and Queen Victoria to Lord Krishna, the ruby has had some pretty luminous friends in its history.

It’s a stone that intensifies passion and committed relationships - it ignites a soulful fire from kindling that has been collected over time, the kind that’s got a warm safe slow-burning light.

Most powerful at a full moon, the fiery glow of a ruby is said to help overcome exhaustion and lethargy. True to its rich hue, it’s said a ruby stirs the blood, stimulates circulation to amplify energy - this is the stone to get your chi or prana flowing.

This courage-inducing gem helps you become comfortable with the unknown. It inspires you to keep moving forward in the face of fear. With ruby, it feels so good to be alive.

Namesake: The Latin rubeus, meaning ‘red’. In Sanskrit, the ruby is called ratnaraj, meaning ‘king of precious stones’.

Tough Love Level: 9/10 Mohs


  • Vitality
  • Courage
  • High Energy
  • Leadership
  • Wealth
  • Generosity
  • Family
  • Commitment
  • Passion

 The Rough Borneo Ruby Ring with Hidden Gems features ethically sourced rubies.

The dainty silver Ruby Ring that's perfect for everyday wear

Give to:

  • July babes
  • Leo queens 
  • Yourself since you are the boss 
  • Your life partner after patching things up 
  • Your spouse as a Valentine’s gift 

Use for:

  • Shooing away nightmares
  • Activating your life force and mastering jedi mind tricks
  • Clearing your focus to get motivated
  • Getting over the seven-year itch
  • Curbing the warmth of Aunt Flo

My fave ruby pieces;

Our Borneo rubies are a part of our new Borneo Gems collection which features ethically sourced diamonds, sapphires, and rubies. Drop us a line if you want to learn more about our ethical Borneo Gems collection.

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