June birthstone - Moonstone

June 23, 2020

Moonstone opens the heart to love – the acceptance of love, the comfort of being nurtured. Goodness knows we all need some of that in our life. As it cracks open the sternum to let the heart burst through, it helps self-expression, self-acceptance, self-love…notice a pattern here?

Even though darker varieties are what we commonly see, moonstones come in many colors; each infused with their own unique kind of magic. White moonstone carries the power of the new moon, driving away nightmares and amplifying inner vision. Peach and yellow moonstone supports the heart and stimulates the mind, bringing out the best in people. Rainbow moonstone is emotional armor, deflecting negativity and clearing the senses. 

Moonstones protect travellers of both the inward and outward persuasion. It’s also a great stone to amplify the feminine and erotic. Making a grid of 13 moonstone crystals in the bedroom – 12 crystals around and one centered under the bed – is great for sexy, sweaty baby-making. Rowr.

Rough moonstone necklace

Geometric moonstone rings


  • Travel
  • Self-love 
  • Magic
  • Carnal desire
  • Natural rhythms
  • Fertility
  • Hope
  • Protection

Use for: 

  • Keeping in the glove compartment while road tripping cross country to Joshua Tree
  • Insomnia
  • Decorating your shrine to Marvin Gaye
  • New relationships and accepting the love you know you deserve
  • Cooling down your head after a lover’s quarrel and before saying sorry 
  • Getting knocked up


The moon

Tough love level: 

6 Mohs

Give to

  • June artists 
  • Your spouse in your third year of togetherness, or your 85th
  • Your kundalini yoga teacher. 
  • Newlyweds as a wedding gift.

My fave moonstone pieces: 

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