Live the life you’ve always wanted. Thus spoke the magic of citrine. 

Coaxing inspiration and enlightenment from the nooks and crannies, the darkest and hardest to reach corners; it takes a drop of citrine’s light. This golden girl glows like honey, warm and sweet but with a zing of wham bam thank-you ma’am. It gets the job done, bum bum. And with just the right amount of humor. 

Citrine sparkles yellow with health and abundance. It masters the art of more, without going over the top. It lets you live long and prosper, in life, love, and everything in between. 

They used to call it “The Merchant’s Stone”, and with good reason. It’s a stone that lights the fire, tends to it even in the wind, and lets it burn bright to shine the way for others.

Big dreams, whole hearts, these are what citrine is made of. It’s a happy rock. 

It sings in the rain, makes angels in the snow, snuggles in a storm, glows in the dark, dances with wolves and fears, shines through the tears, brings sexy back, is the life of the party, breakdances in case of emergency, rolls with the hustle, radiates with the vigor of the universe with all its moons and stars aligned. 

Citrine tells you, “You got this,” but most of all, it reminds you that actually, you had it all along.

Namesake: the French citron, meaning “lemon”

Vibes: health, inspiration, abundance, creativity, confidence, happiness, stamina and energy, light-heartedness, joy

Use for: getting it, all of it / starting a new business / brainstorming / moving forward / getting infectiously happy / finding a fulfilling job or activity / rolling deep / becoming super human / living your dream 

Tough love level: 7 Mohs

Give to: Your darling on your 17th anniversary. New moms. Your business partner. November vixens. 

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