Sapphire is the gem of gems. The holiest of the holies. It’s a magnificent stone of wisdom, royalty and faith. At first glance, sapphire gleams with power and strength, but it’s true colors shine within kindness and hope - that’s the stone’s real secret sauce. It lets us get real because it offers protection, discipline, insight and healing.  

The sapphire’s deep hues are a rendition of the stone’s profound mojo - it is said that sapphire was used to let us go way down, to see beneath the surface and dig up underlying truths, even the that have become hard and crusty and ingrained into the filaments of the soul. 

Pastel Sapphire Ring Set in Rose Gold

This Pastel Sapphire Ring Set in Rose Gold is perfect for the September baby , or for ginally asking That Question and making the start of fall that litlle bit more special.

It’s like a telescope into the being, and it lets us see even the tiniest speck of dirt or regret, so we can focus, rinse and repeat. Always in the name of love.

The blue sapphire, the blue de roi, it’s a healer of the highest order. You’re the highest order of all, and that’s probably why blue looks so damn good on you.

Get to know the sapphire better  

Montana Sapphire Flower Bracelet

Namesake:The latin sapphirus, Greek sappheiros, and sanskrit sanipryam, meaning ‘blue stone’. See, the sapphire knows its shit because it’s been around.

Tough love level: 9/10 Mohs scale of hardness.

Use for:

  • Life, with a capital L 

  • Times of change

  • Going on the diet 5-2 diet, the I quit sugar diet, the no complaining diet or whatever other self-disciplinary action you’ve taken upon yourself  

  • Asking for a raise  

  • Asking for marriage  

  • Asking for truth

  • Getting to know the real you and learning how to be your own best friend and lover  


  • Wisdom

  • Royalty and loyalty

  • Truth

  • Fortune 

  • Fullness of self

  • Generosity 

  • Positivity  

  • Beauty 

Give to:

  • Mark your 5th anniversary

  • Your king or queen 

  • The person who introduced you to the Indigo Girls - if that person is us, this is a sign, get yourself a sapphire piece, stat. 

Borneo Sapphire Ring with Prongs

Which one is your favorite sapphire piece?

Blue Montana Sapphire Ring
Double Sapphire Necklace
Mismatched Yogo Sapphire Earrings in Eco Gold

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