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The Art of Ring Stacking pt. 1

This year as part of our annual team outing, the Gardens of the Sun team went on a (very safe!) trip to a silver jewelry workshop! Everyone got to try their hand at creating their very own silver jewelry. It was such a fun way of bringing out different design aesthetics. The best part? Seeing everyone proudly show off their individual creations.  

Our socially distanced team outing meant that we went in small groups, and the group that had our photographer with them had the most photos!

What stood out was how many fun rings were specifically crafted to stack.

I have a habit of wearing multiple rings all at once, and at least one of them would be on the chunkier side. Rings upwards of 4mm in width. I always need something a little more delicate to stack my rings with to balance out the look.” Atri, our Marketing Strategist explained her own set of rings.

While Evi, our Sustainability Manager said, “I mostly wear individual rings, but every now and again, I like to pair my rings. It’s nice to be able to have something that can be worn both ways.” While she has one or two rings with sizable stone centerpieces, she always seems to go for rings of the daintier variety. “My favorite is my amethyst hidden gems ring. It has a splash of color, but it’s subtle. It’s the right size for everyday wear.” she says.

It started a fun conversation at work, and got us thinking about silver stacking rings. Specifically which rings make the best stackers! We could talk for days about this, but we’ll try to make it as short and fun as possible.

So let’s talk about plain Janes.

Take the word ‘plain’ with a generous dash of salt. These rings may not have a splash of color from any gemstone, but they’re definitely not boring. There are textures and depths at play after all!

(And we would never associate the word 'boring' with jewelry anyway. They're always way too fun to play around with.)

Think of these stoneless rings as punctuation. They could be a comma, to allow you to breathe. Brackets (parentheses) to supplement a look, or even an exclamation to emphasize a point!

Dainty silver stacking rings


Chunky silver rings

Chunky rings are statement pieces - yes, even if they’re stoneless, they’re not necessarilyplain. Especially if you can pick out chunky rings that boast textures and colors.

They’re perfect for stacking because whatever you put on top of them, people will immediately take notice of. They’re also the perfect contract to dainty rings, as they look kinda badass.

Chunky rings also look great next to a stack of rings. It’ll create a visually pleasing set, as the variations in size creates a difference in heights (climbing up your finger). 

It’s a fun challenge to balance out your chunky ring vs. your stack of rings.


Dainty silver stacking ring

Left to Right: The V Ring goes well with sharp edges, like a kite-cut or a geometric cut. While the more rounded Curved Dainty Ring goes well with gemstones with rounded edges. Curved bands come in different shapes, so you can pick the one that suits your rings the best!   

Dainty curved bands are a must-have in your jewelry box. They serve as cute details that's visually more interesting than a plain straight band. And the best thing about them is that they’re awesome besties for bedazzled rings with gems. Curved bands accommodate solitaire rings with a gentle hug.

Figuring out how the bumps and dives from the stone setting fit together is so satisfying. There’s a certain feeling of pleasure when rings you got at different points in life somehow fit seamlessly together.

Diamond stacking ring
Diamond stacking ring

Left to Right: The Marquise Diamond Ring Set and the Rose Cut Pear Diamond Ring SetConsider these ring sets as a cheat sheet of sorts for you. These stacked rings are soulmates meant to be worn together, so you don’t have to worry about creating seamless sets.  

You've been framed

No joke, when we talk about jewelry, we’re talking about art. (We know you agree!) 

Some artwork can look great as is, without any embellishments. Some pop out that little bit more with the addition of frames. 

That’s what these Hexagon Ring Set is all about. Their shape is great for framing rings with gemstones while adding a little negative space to allow your stone to breathe.

You can pretty much pair these with any shape of gemstone; geometric, rounded, marquise, oval, or even rough cut stones.

Unique silver stacking rings

splash of color

Dainty silver stacking ring with rubies

These Marquise Ruby Rings are fun to play around with. Their color and shape allows you get creative and stack them up with pretty much any ring, but you can stack them together too.  

We promised we’d be talking about plain bands, but we can’t resist a little color, and these are as subtle as they get. Dainty rings with gorgeous gemstone accents are muy importante to have in your arsenal if you like stacking rings. They serve as quick winks of color to compliment your outfit or your moods. They're great for giving your stack of silver rings a little accent.  

Dainty silver stacking ring with emeralds
Dainty silver stacking ring with sapphires

Left to Right: The Marquise Emerald Ring and the Marquise Montana Sapphire Ring. Adding a pop of color in a plain silver stack can really kick the look up a notch or twelve.  

The art of stacking rings is 60% instinct, 10% balance, and 30% confidence.   

There’s not an exact science to it – that’s why it’s an art. It’s very much subjective. The emphasis is on instinct, because when you put on your rings for the day, it represents how you feel and which pieces speak to your particular need at that moment in time.

Having the choice of select staple pieces will help you balance out your choices and create a number of looks. Imagine how many ring combinations you can do with just three or four rings!

And this is super important – confidence! Confidence in your choices, confidence in yourself. With that, you can pretty much put on any combo of rings and look fabulous.

Check out our collection of stackable rings in silver and in gold. 

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