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Custom Solid Opal Ring in Silver

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She’s like that buttonhole that you always miss, making you all lopsided shirt and no pizzaz. The truth is she makes you skip a beat, with your heart drumming a rhythm that travels to the skies. You know everyone can hear it; it’s so loud, it’s so erratic, but then again your heartbeat always does this when she’s around. You’re a clumsy mess and you love it.


  • Sterling silver
  • Solid opal from Australia
  • Choose your favorite opal
  • Select your ring design
  • Made to order in 6 to 8 weeks


Want a wild and unique shimmering opal ring? We're now offering a selection of opals to build-your-own ring or customize your one of a kind ring in sterling silver. Choose your favourite opal and let's get started on a ring - or ring set! - that's just soyou. The design of this custom ring is where you come in! 

Your ring will be made to order with your favorite opal in a design of your choice and in your size. (Read: we'll make your dream ring.)

The opal can be set vertically (north-south) or horizontally (east-west). We can use a bezel setting with a single or double band and a round (tends to spin more, so not recommended if you have larger knuckles) or half-round band. You can even opt to add another gemstone on one or each side, or to add a nesting band!

Opal setting

  • Classic bezel setting with the silver all the way around the opal
  • Prong setting - the number and placement of prongs will depend on the opal you select
  • Double band bezel setting, with two 1 mm round bands that come together at the back

    Additional side stones (for classic bezel or prong only)

    • Plain band
    • Ruby on each side
    • Yogo sapphire on one side 

    Additional nesting band (for classic bezel or prong only)

      • No additional band
      • Add an asymmetric chrome diopside band
      • Add a chrome diopside nesting band 

      Band shape (for classic bezel or prong only)

      • Half round band, also called D shaped. This shank is flat on the inside and rounded on the outside, for a comfortable fit. Around 1.6 mm wide. 
      • Round band. A round shank tends to spin more and is not recommend if your knuckles are wider than the part of your finger where the ring sits. Around 1.2 mm wide. 

      The price will be automatically adjusted depending on the stones and design you choose. It will look similar to the rings in the photos. Please note that your ring will be made to order in 6 to 8 weeks


      • A – 2.57 ct, measurements 13,5 x 10 x 3,1 mm, a perfect pearlescent petal that glimmers yellow and purple.
      • B – 1.29 ct, measurements 10,4 x 9,2 x 2,2 mm, feminine and sweet, a round opal with vivid purple shimmers, interwoven with white flecks.
      • C – 1.32 ct, 8,8 x 8,8 x 2,7 mm, thunderous purple streaks flick through this disc, softened by a soft, milky film that enfolds this opal
      • D – 0.97 ct, measurements 9,6 x 7,8 x 2,1 mm, a hypnotic caged aurora of blue and green hues that beckons unsuspecting passer-by’s.
      • E - 0.93 ct, measurement 10,3 x 7,2 x 1,9 mm, a milky opaque opal, with coppery shimmers and peach undertones, a warm and welcoming soul.
      • F - sold
      • G – 1.18 ct, measurements 9,1 x 8,1 2,4 mm, stormy grey interspersed with vivid flashes of electric blue, a strong presence that demands adoration.
      • H - sold
      • I – 1.78 ct, measurements 11,7 x 6,4 x 3,8 mm, an elongated thick oval opal, a misty white with hints of blue that hints of hidden depth.
      • J – 1.17 ct, measurements 9,6 x 7,4 2,7 mm, a thick, milky white teardrop with pearly inlays and a subtle shimmer that is elegance and class personified.
      • K – 0.48 ct, measurements 10,8 x 5,4 x 1,4 mm, sea glitter captured, an ombre shift from turquoise to green, fading to a soft milky white.
      • L – 0.93 ct, measurements 8,2 x 7 x 2,7 mm, a rolling wave, with sprays of bright green and frothy white. A free spirit on an ocean adventure.
      • M - sold
      • N – 0.73 ct, measurements 7,9 x 6,8 x 2,1 mm, shades of soft greys layer this opal, with subtle flirty flickers of the sky as it burns with sunset colors.
      • O – 0.53 ct, measurements 6,7 x 6,2 x 2 mm, a triangular ivory opal that boasts psychedelic flashes of green and blue, transforming the mundane into something magical.
      • P - sold
      • Q - sold
      • R – 0.44 ct, measurements 5,7 x 4,9 x 2,2 mm, a vivid rainbow galaxy of colors, burning red and gold, fading into cooler tones of blue and green. The most explosive stone in this collection.
      • S – 0.73 ct, measurements 10,8 x 4,7 x 2 mm, a halfed oval that teases a kaleidoscope of geometric patterns in green, red, and yellow set against a background of grey.
      • T – 0.54 ct, measurements 11,8 x 4,4 x 1,6 mm, a lightning bolt of milky white strikes though electric blue hues in this milky white opal.
      • U - sold
      • V – 0.48 ct, measurements 8,6 x 4,9 x 1,6 mm, a pebble gray opal that refuses to be ordinary, flecked with grey with a vivid green shimmer and a smattering of peach.
      • W – 0.61 ct, measurements 11,5 x 3,3 x 2,4 mm, a toothy fang that is subtly interlaced with a bright green fire, fierce and unbearably lovely.
      • X - sold
      • Y – 0.38 ct, measurements 9,25 x 4,2 x 1,4 mm, a flattened elongated oval opal that shows of its translucence and celebrates it with winding whispers of purple, blue, and green.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 56 reviews
      Friendly and beautiful ring

      Customer service was friendly and responsive, have yet to present the ring to its recipient but I am sure she will love it!

      Stunning and Perfect for Me

      I wanted something unique, stunning, and ethical. I wasn’t interested in a traditional diamond engagement ring, because that doesn’t represent me or my relationship. I love that I can be included in the Gardens of the Sun sourcing / processing / creating via Instagram. It’s important to me to know that everyone in the chain is taken care of. I was also able to get unique gemstone options. I love the purple sapphires — the energy of sapphire is amazing and I love purple. We requested moonstones on the sides — the blue flash is perfect! The ring came and it’s even more beautiful in person! Thank you thank you, we absolutely love it

      Couldnt dream of more

      This whole experience has been perfect! It was great to be able to have so much control designing this engagement ring, the people from GOTS couldnt have been more helpful. And the ring they made is stunning. Its so beautiful it doesnt even look like someone made it, its more like something found in nature ❤

      Beautiful and Inspiring

      My intention journals are simple, beautiful, and inspiring. They are just what I was looking for. I will keep one for myself and the other will be a birthday gift for a girlfriend. Thank you, Gardens of the Sun for putting such love into all that you create.