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Ruby and Pepper Ring in Gold

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She was the most beautiful person you’d ever met. It wasn’t that she was perfect. It was the bravery with which she carried her scars and imperfections. The courage with which she held her broken neck high. She was so beautifully broken. 


  • 18 karat yellow gold
  • 1.75 ct unheated ruby from Tanzania, cut by Abraham Gamez, measures 9.26 x 6.31 x 2.86 mm 
  • July birthstone 


A ruby that is rectangular with interesting lines and corners is set in a double pronged yellow gold band. With strength and determination in spades, this ring exudes the kind of raw passion that we all wish we could harness. Allow it to accompany you in your journey through all the highs and lows, and revel in its supportive nature.

I love the peppered inclusions in this ruby. Like a ruby version of the salt and pepper diamond. Would make a beautiful diamond-free engagement ring or self commitment ring.

You'll receive this one of a kind deep red ruby ring from the photos.

Style Tips

Wear this intriguing ruby ring with garnet and ruby necklace.

Customer Reviews

Based on 75 reviews
Thank you for your article!

I recently bought a 1.5 carat blue diamond that was color enhanced and I thought I was taken advantage of because it wasn’t a “natural” diamond. After reading your article I feel much better about my purchase and will have the stone mounted.

Perfect companion ring

This is my second nesting band from Gardens of the Sun. I love how they work with a variety of other rings. Well made, it will last forever. Thank you so much!

Words can't even begin to describe...

I am so very grateful for Sovi and the rest of the Gardens of the Sun family...what a beautiful experience and an absolutely breathtaking engagement ring, handcrafted to perfection. And don't even get me started on the ring box! What a blessing it was to find a box that is just as beautiful as the ring that was inside.

I will forever be grateful for my Gardens of the Sun adventure and cannot wait to share this beautiful ring with my beautiful darling.

Thank you again for everything :)

With love,

A future heirloom

My partner and I actually designed this ring together to be my engagement ring because he was worried about picking a ring without my input (I would be the one wearing it forever, not him). The whole process of designing the ring was incredibly easy because we could look at all of our options and take our time in deciding what stone(s) and which style we wanted exactly. Not only was the designing process easy and less intimidating than going to a store, but it was awesome to be able to know where exactly each of the materials were sourced, and the process in which it would be made. I love knowing that this ring was made ethically by a company that truly cares about every step of the process, from the point at which they received the materials to the point where I received the ring. We are so happy we decided to make our engagement ring through the team at Gardens of the Sun because this future heirloom deserves its story of being made without conflict by a company that is devoted to changing how jewellery can and should be made.