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Sample Sale - Necklaces

Only in solitude can she hear her own rhythm. Her thumping heart fed by the pulsing of her blood. The dancing of her dreams and hopes on the foundation of her soul. The loudly burning longings that make her body move so passionately. The tender woundedness of her shadows rustling like leaves brushed by the wind. The sound of her aliveness.


Sample Sale - Necklaces

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We heard you like one of a kind. 

And we’re so glad you do! So now, never-shown-on-our-website-before pieces and one-off styles are making a return. 

A rare opportunity to find fine jewelry samples, one-of-a-kind and discontinued pieces up to 50% off, while we make room for new collections (you read that right, we’re planning to launch another collection this summer). 

You can find all of the jewelry with a brief description and photos right here. 


  • CLN1 - Double coin necklace (Love and meaning)
  • CLN2 - Labradorite leaf from Canada and trillion cut amethyst from Brazil. A combination that's sure to bring out the magic. Set in recycled sterling silver, on a double looped chain, 47 cm (18.5 inches)
  • CLN3 - Chrysoprase necklace
  • CLN4 - Chrysoprase necklace
  • CLN5 - Double coin necklace (flower) with topaz
  • CLN6 - Double coin necklace (heart in hands) with 'Receive' engraving
  • CLN7 - Coin necklace with turquoise (eye)
  • CLN8 - Coin necklace with sapphire (flame)
  • CLN9 - Mango coin necklace (heart in hand) with sapphires
  • CLN10 - Mango coin necklace (flower)
  • CLN11 - Double coin necklace (love and meaning)
  • CLN12 - Coin necklace (eye) with 8 coin engraving and marquise garnet
  • CLN13 - Borneo agate necklace
  • CLN14 -18 - This statement necklace features a large round slice of solar quartz from Brazil. The solar quartz has an opaque white center and more translucent crystals towards the edges. Set with 7 prongs and a playful sun design at the back of the stone. Below it dangles two carved emerald leafs. The emeralds are oiled and were mined in Brazil.
  • CLN19 - Carved tanzanite necklace. Tanzanite is from Tanzania, heated
  • CLN20 - New Lander Turquoise necklace from Nevada, USA. These cool stones have black spider-web matrix markings. 
  • CLN21 / CLN22 - Hidden gems raw silver diamond necklace
  • CLN23 - CLN29 - Hidden gems raw yellow diamond necklace
  • CLN30 - CLN31 - Hidden gems rough black diamond necklace
  • CLN32 - Raw black diamond necklace with prongs
  • CLN33 - Hidden gems rough black diamond necklace

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Shoshana V. (Manitoba, Canada)
Amazing sale!

I still can’t believe the deal I got with this sample sale ring. I love that there were larger sized options! As for the ring itself, I love the dreamy teal sapphire, and the setting is very pretty and feels very robust and sturdy. I also feel good supporting such an ethical and transparent company.

Angel S. (California, United States)

The ring was exactly as pictured and pairs so well with my other Gardens of the Sun ring :) thank you Meri and team!!

allison w. (Ohio, United States)
In love

I am absolutely in love with my ring! I can't believe my luck that this beautiful ring was in my size. The yellow sapphire is absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait to never take it off <3