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Salt and Pepper Diamond and Pearl Ring in White Gold - Size 6.5

She has diamonds for her soul and pearls for a heart. Her strength protects, and her touch softens. She is your love, your life, your purpose, and this is the ring that she deserves.


  • 18 karat palladium white gold
  • Our signature ethical gold: mercury free and mined by indigenous women who receive fair pay
  • 0.40 ct oval rose cut salt and pepper diamond from Botswana
  • Gray pearls from China
  • April and June birthstone
  • Ready to ship
  • US size 6.5

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Salt and Pepper Diamond and Pearl Ring in White Gold

There is something hypnotic about your lover: her smile, her eyes, and the sound of your name from her lips. She is both a fighter, hard like diamonds, and a healer, like pearls of the ocean. The world was dark before you met. Now, it is dark still, except the ground she walks upon and all the things she touch — they glitter.

In the center of this ring is a 0.40 ct oval rose cut salt and pepper diamond from Botswana, held in a bezel setting. Its gray hue and natural inclusions catch light in the most mesmerizing way. On either side are round gray pearls from China, as well as four pave diamonds.

You will receive the exact salt and pepper diamond and pearl ring in 18 karat palladium white gold from the photos.


The most notorious, famously famous of all the crystals – the diamond is the April birthstone and a hell of a fighter. It’s a crazy powerful stone that enhances inner vision. Diamonds make happiness a million times better. A gem to bring forth the art of “more”. Whatever you feel inside, diamond amplifies it tenfold.

The diamonds used in this jewelry have been purchased from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict and in compliance with United Nations resolutions. These diamonds are conflict free, based on personal knowledge and/or written guarantees provided by the supplier of these diamonds. Our supplier guarantees that they are conflict free and traded in accordance with the Kimberley Process.

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Pearl is a birthstone for June. Pearls are totems of wisdom and purity. They help women connect with their inner goddess. It nurtures new beginnings, and protects the wearer with fierce, motherly grit.

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Our signature ethical gold

We use 18 karat ethical gold, which is mined and processed with traditional, mercury free, low impact practices by indigenous Dayak women in Central Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo, who receive fair pay. Our white gold has a palladium base. You can request for it to be rhodium plated.

Style Tips

This salt and pepper diamond and pearl ring wears well as an alternative engagement ring, for those who want to dazzle in a fresh and unique way. It pairs beautifully with any of our custom nesting bands.

Customer Reviews

Based on 203 reviews
Cassandra O. (Quebec, Canada)

Your team treated me like family and gave me a wonderful experience, my engagement ring is better than I could ever imagine because of you guys I'm so grateful xx


Customer (Nevada, United States)
The perfect engagement ring!

My fiancé and I picked out my engagement ring from Gardens of the Sun and I couldn’t be happier with it. The process of picking out the stone, setting and band was so much fun, and the team at Gardens of the Sun was so helpful in sending pictures and mock-ups! I’ve received so many compliments on my ring, and it’s so beautiful and unique!

Heléne (Kronoberg County, Sweden)
Easy process and good advice

I have only the best to say about the company and the special piece for myself that I created with them. It is every bit so special and beautyful as I could hope and expect. And the customer-service is flawless with quick and easy contacts and good advice (especially since I got second thoughts about wich size to choose).

Samantha M. (Ohio, United States)
The most unique wedding set

I dreamed of owning a hexagon diamond ring by Gardens of the Sun, years before my proposal. When it became my time to design my custom set, the team could not have been more helpful in creating a unique piece of wearable art. Maharani suggested a silver wedding band with blue sapphires to compliment my hexagon salt & pepper diamond ring set in gold - and while I had not originally envisioned my gold ring with a silver band, I was truly blown away by the end result! The rings just fit together so perfectly, and compliment each other in the most gorgeous way. I get compliments daily on how beautiful my ring set is! I've never seen another set quite like mine, and I love it even more knowing that it was designed specifically for me. Thank you to the Gardens of the Sun team for creating such a magical, dreamy set of jewelry that I will cherish for a lifetime!!