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Your chance to grab new limited edition pieces I've been creating, one of a kind jewelry from my personal collection and a whole lot of magical pieces at special prices.


  • Recycled sterling silver 
  • One of a kind 
  • Gone = gone

Select an item to see more photos. Scroll down to find a description of all pieces.


Giftwrapped in banana fiber paper boxes, shipped worldwide. Fast, carbon neutral and plastic free.


We believe that a good start results in goodness, all the way through. And we start with the materials.

Love it

Love your new jewelry or send it back - hassle free. Conditions apply to custom jewelry.


For every piece of jewelry you buy from us, we plant 5 trees. Over 30,000 trees and counting. It's complimen-tree!

We're bringing you some limited edition rings, necklaces and earrings, one of a kind jewels I've been creating and a whole lot of magical pieces at special prices. 

This is flash sale only, with mostly one of a kind silver jewelry that you won't ever find on our website again. When it's sold, it's gone forever. 

You can find all of the jewelry with a brief description and photos right here. See if your dream ring, necklace or pair of earrings is out there!    


  • R1 - Green onyx ring in recycled silver. Available in US size 4.5, 5.5, and 7.
  • R2 - Australian opal and garnet ring, US size 4.25.
  • R3 - Rough Ceylon Spinel Ring. US size 9.
  • R4 - Rainbow zircon ring in yellow. The white zircon is from Cambodia, and heated. US size 7.25.
  • R5 - Sapphire ring, unheated sapphire from Tanzania. Choose from the sizes: US 4.25, 7 and 8.5.
  • R6 - Opal nesting band in silver, US size 4.75. Looks great nested with a solitaire ring. The opal is from Australia.
  • R7 - Grey diamond nesting band in sterling silver. Five diamonds from Botswana. US size 7.
  • R8 - Andesine and sapphire ring in recycled silver. Pale round andesine from vintage collection and unheated color shift sapphire from Sri Lanka. Such a magical gemstone combination. Available in US size 6.5.
  • R9 - Green sapphire and garnet ring in silver. Green sapphire from Bangkaja (Thailand) and 3x tsavorite garnets from Tanzania. US size 5.
  • R10 - 0.70ct octagon cut yellow sphene from Madagascar. US size 4.25
  • R11 - Rose cut yellow sapphire and ruby ring. The sapphire is beryllium treated. Ruby is from Thailand, heated. US size 4.5.

    Ring sets:

  • RS1 - Triple sapphire ring stack. Color change fan cut sapphire, pink marquise, and pink round sapphire. US size 5.
  • RS2 - Sapphire and triplite ring in recycled silver. 0.22ct triolite from Colorado, USA. 0.37 ct sapphire from Sri Lanka. US size 8.
  • RS3 - Small round peridot, pear emerald, tapered ruby, and marquise peridot. Set on a dainty 1.2mm round band in US size 9. Paired with a brushed band
  • RS4 - Pale citrine ring with hidden gems in a US size 4 (fits more like a us size 4.25). Paired with a 2.5 mm brushed band.
  • RS5 - Pale milky opal ring with hidden gems in a US size 7. Paired with a 3.5 mm brushed band.

  • Necklaces:

  • NL1 - Emerald, moonstone, tourmaline necklace in silver, 42cm.
  • NL2 - Amethyst necklace, fancy cut, 38cm.
  • NL3 - Ruby, garnet, and sapphire necklace. Tapered ruby and pink baguette sapphire from Madagascar, baguette garnet from Mozambique. Length 45.5 cm.
  • NL4 - Montana agate necklace. Available in 43.5cm and 48cm.
  • NL5 - New Lander Turquoise necklace from Nevada, USA. These cool stones have black spider-web matrix markings. Although called New Lander Turquoise, this is actually Chalcociderite or varasite, both sisters of turquoise. Available in 46cm and 49 cm.
  • NL6 - Carved tanzanite necklace. Tanzanite is from Tanzania, heated. Available in 45cm.
  • NL7 - Rose cut rutile quartz necklace in recycled silver. Available in 43.5cm.

  • Earrings:

  • ER1 - Amethyst (Brazil), apatite (Madagascar) and tourmaline (Nigeria) earrings. 
  • ER2 - 

  • ER3 - Cottoncandy multistone earrings. Keshi pearl from China, rose quartz from Madagascar and a heated ruby from Thailand.The gemstone dangles can be removed or attached as you like: Wear the kasha pearls as simple everyday studs or wear them with the multistone danglers as a colourful statement piece.
  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 161 reviews
    Lovely as usual

    Everything was perfect. I love the ring I got and the earrings too. The wooden box is very cute and unusual . The cleaning set is lovely as well as the mask . 🥰 I was amazed when the package arrived so quickly.

    Alex V. (Escondido, US)

    I wouldn't normally purchase a mystery item because I like to choose my own thing - but I am so glad I did because Meri and the Gardens of the Sun team knew exactly what I needed. Reading the little stone explanation cards reinforced that they knew better than I did :) The ring and necklace set are perfect and so well made and are my new daily go to. This wasn't my first GotS purchase and it definitely wont be my last!

    MAYA L. (Needham, US)


    Dana M. (Toronto, CA)
    Mystery bundle

    Arrived so quickly and was more beautiful than I could imagine. Everything was wrapped like the most precious gift. Love it

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