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Sample Sale - Rings

She was the most beautiful person you’d ever met. It wasn’t that she was perfect. It was the bravery with which she carried her scars and imperfections. The courage with which she held her broken neck high. She was so beautifully broken.

Buy 2 or more from the Sample Sale and get 10% off at checkout.


  • Recycled sterling silver 
  • Mostly one of a kind 
  • Gone = gone
  • Ready to ship
  • Buy 2 or more from the Sample Sale and get 10% off at checkout

Select an item to see more photos. Scroll down to find a description of all pieces.


Giftwrapped in banana fiber paper boxes, shipped worldwide. Fast, carbon neutral and plastic free.


We believe that a good start results in goodness, all the way through. And we start with the materials.

Love it

Love your new jewelry or send it back - hassle free. Conditions apply to custom jewelry.


For every piece of jewelry you buy from us, we plant 5 trees. Over 30,000 trees and counting. It's complimen-tree!

We heard you like one of a kind. 

And we’re so glad you do! So now, never-shown-on-our-website-before pieces and one-off styles are making a return. 

A rare opportunity to find fine jewelry samples, one-of-a-kind and discontinued pieces up to 50% off, while we make room for new collections (you read that right, we’re planning to launch another collection this summer). 

And there’s more…

With so many gems, it’s hard to pick a favorite. The simple fix? Go for more than one. You get 10% off when you buy any 2 or more (bracelets,rings,earrings ornecklace). And lucky for you, there’s plenty to choose from. 

You can find all of the jewelry with a brief description and photos right here. See if your dream ring, necklace or pair of earrings is out there! 


  • CLR1 - Yellow sapphire ring with an unheated sapphire from Tanzania
  • CLR2 - Pink sapphire ring with an unheated sapphire from Tanzania
  • CLR3A / CLR3B - Trillion garnet ring
  • CLR4 - Octagon sphene ring from Madagascar
  • CLR5 - Grey diamond nesting band with five diamonds from Botswana
  • CLR6 - Purple sapphire and aquamarine ring
  • CLR7 - Opal nesting band in silver. Looks great nested with a solitaire ring. The opal is from Australia
  • CLR8A / CLR8B - Green onyx ring
  • CLR9 - Double aquamarine ring
  • CLR10A - CLR10E - Buff top pink sapphire ring with a heated sapphire from Sri Lanka
  • CLR11 - Sapphire and triplite ring in recycled silver. Paired with a wabi sabi band in black silver. 0.22ct triolite from Colorado, USA. 0.37 ct sapphire from Sri Lanka.
  • CLR12 - Pale citrine ring with hidden gems in a US size 4 (fits more like a us size 4.25). Paired with a 2.5 mm brushed band.
  • CLR13 - Pale milky opal ring with hidden gems in a US size 7. Paired with a 3.5 mm brushed band.
  • CLR14 - Small round peridot, pear emerald, tapered ruby, and marquise peridot. Set on a dainty 1.2mm round band in US size 9. Paired with a brushed band
  • CLR15 - Labradorite and moonstone ring set
  • CLR16 - Opal and citrine ring
  • CLR17 - Yellow sphene and garnet ring set
  • CLR18 - Tourmaline ring featuring a trio of three tourmalines from Nigeria (green, blue and vibrant yellow), set between two dainty round bands. It's the negative space that counts here.
  • CLR19A- CLR19C - Each ring is handcrafted out of recycled sterling silver, and features a rutile quartz with black needles slashing through the stone. Bezel set.
  • CLR20 - Raw yellow diamond ring with hidden gems in silver
  • CLR21A - CLR21C - Raw pink diamond ring with hidden gems in silver
  • CLR22A - CLR22F - Raw silver diamond ring with hidden gems in silver
  • CLR23A - CLR23C - Raw silver diamond ring with prongs
  • CLR24A - CLR24D - Raw blue diamond ring with hidden gems in silver
  • CLR25A / CLR25B - Raw blue diamond ring with prongs
  • CLR26A / CLR26B - Raw black diamond ring with hidden gems
  • CLR27 - Spinel ring in silver. Small surface imperfections on the spinel, price has been adjusted accordingly. Spinel from Sri Lanka.
  • CLR28 - Ethiopian opal and ruby ring in bezel
  • CLR30A / CLR30B - Ethiopian opal ring in basket prongs
  • CLR31 - Ethiopian opal and ruby ring in basket prongs
  • CLR32 - Australian opal ring set with moonstone
  • CLR33 / CLR34 - Hexagon ethiopian opal ring
  • CLR35 / CLR36 - Tanzanite ring
  • CLR37 - Geometric moonstone ring. Moonstone from India
  • CLR38 - CLR40 - Lemurian quartz crystal with double bands.  The quartz has a gorgeous dreamsicle color of pale apricot meets peach tree. It is mostly pale with coral silk inclusions. 
  • CLR41 - Emerald and moonstone ring
  • CLR42 - Black quartz and black spinel ring. Surface flaws on the rutile quartz, price has been adjusted accordingly
  • CLR43A / CLR43B - Rose cut larimar ring. Larimar from the Dominican Republic, cut in India
  • CLR44A - CLR44C - Zircon crown ring. Each crown ring is handcrafted out of recycled sterling silver, and features five bezel set white zircons. These are so much fun to stack with and go with just about anything! The zircon was mined in Cambodia and baguette cut in Thailand.
  • CLR45 - Braided ring in recycled sterling silver
  • CLR46 - Borneo diamond ring in silver 

Customer Reviews

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allison w. (Cleveland, US)
In love

I am absolutely in love with my ring! I can't believe my luck that this beautiful ring was in my size. The yellow sapphire is absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait to never take it off <3

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