Here’s how to apply!

Welcome to the first round of the Gardens of the Sun application.


This is the first of three rounds in our recruitment process. 

This first round consists of 10 questions to get to know you better, and how you interact with our core values. 

We look forward to reading your replies! 

1. What's your name?

2. What experiences or skills make you a good fit for our brand?

3. What makes you excited to work for Gardens of the Sun?

4. When you read the job description, what do you expect to be your biggest challenge in this position?

5. What is your experience with purchasing gemstones?

6. What are your three favourite jewelry pieces of Gardens of the Sun, and why?

7. Tell us more about your background working with gemstones, diamonds and jewelry.

8. What’s your expected salary range?

9. If we'd hire you, when would you be available to start?

10. Are you currently living in (or willing to move to) Bali?

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