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Hello Beautiful.

I am Meri Geraldine. I have always loved little things. And all beautiful things. It is when we stand still and allow ourselves to simply enjoy being that we can truly admire their beauty. 

Every time I send a jewel off to a new home, I have this deep hope that it will become a constant reminder that you don't have to be flawless to be beautiful., that you don't have to be anything less than the real you. That the real beauty is inside you and it is only when you show it shamelessly to others that you allow it to sparkle. 

I want you to feel that the jewelry you own or give to someone special will last and be loved for years. That the jewelry will grow with you. I want you to know that if you do not feel that way, I am here to solve that and make you feel happy with your purchase. 

It would be an honour if you shared a moment of wearing your new jewelry with me. You can tag me @gardensofthesun on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Let's celebrate our imperfections and the wildest real love stories!

Meri Geraldine

- Gardens of the Sun