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Client Relations Assistant


Location: Bali, Indonesia

As part of our Customer Love team, you’ll be guiding our amazing Gardens of the Sun community of existing and potential clients, and build our community even stronger. You help make every single client feel blown away by their experience and truly cared for.

You’ll be talking with and helping our clients about everything from finding the perfect engagement ring to which ring size or metal to choose. You' re pro-active in constantly improving our client experience. As you’ll be closest to our clients and practically their friend, you're their voice in our team and you share their feedback. You also collaborate with the Visuals Team for images of custom stones and finished jewelry, the Marketing Team for social sharing of clients experiences and post-purchase follow-up, and the Production Team for inventory and handling returns and exchanges.

You're proactive in constantly improving the client experience. As you’ll be closest to our clients, you’re their voice in our team and you share their feedback.

You're a (near) native English speaker with the right attitude and a way with words. You love building relationships with our community. Thanks to you, our clients keep coming back.

This is a great opportunity if you genuinely and passionately love taking care of people and want to make a positive impact through your role.

Expected start date: immediately

What you'll be doing:

  • Help our clients with any questions they have, whether via email, Etsy, Whatsapp or social media

  • Respond to reviews and follow up as needed

  • Manage returns, track complaints and follow up accordingly

  • Respond to client tickets and live chat

  • Support any special sale events

  • Tend to clients in offline meetings and clients coming to the showroom

  • Help to develop the client support team by sharing insights, contributing to blog posts, coming up with solutions and discussing best practices

Flexible work hours throughout the week, ideally you also work half a day on Saturday.

We want everyone in our business to grow and use their talents, so there may be additional tasks based on your interests and the company needs.

No in-depth experience needed, because you’ll be trained on the job. We’re looking for a junior with (near) native English, the right attitude and a way with words. Someone keen to learn from and alongside our team. You’re obsessed with detail and understand our unique brand tone of voice, perspective and values.


  • Feel satisfied when you get to help others and enjoy making things easier for our clients and team. You delight in going over-the-top to make people happy, and always over-deliver.

  • Are to the point and clear in your communication. Writing comes easily to you and you have excellent verbal and written communication skills in English.

  • Have genuine interest in people and their needs, and you're not afraid to support your team members.

  • Get the details right — you don’t half-ass anything or let little things slip through the cracks.

  • Love creating an experience so good with clients so impressed, that they will tell their friends for years to come, and keep coming back.

  • Nail the delicate balance between sales and service.

  • Can think out of the box and love to find effective solutions to resolve complex customer service challenges that leave everyone happier.

  • Are a great listener who is more concerned with needs and accepting responsibility than assigning blame or finding out who is right.

  • Are pro-active and a quick learner, interested in learning more about jewelry and gemstones.

  • Always double check your writing for spelling and grammatical errors and you can bring our brand’s unique, playful voice into the conversation.


  • Don’t have the writing skills of a native English speaker.

  • Can’t communicate in a conversational tone.

  • Can’t take constructive feedback and criticism on your writing.

  • Rely largely on ChatGPT to do the writing for you.

  • Don't have the ability to work independently without constant direction.

  • Aren’t looking for a long-term position

  • Are looking for a fully remote position.

  • Aren’t an Indonesian national based in Bali.


Originality required:

Please do not use chat GPT for your application (yes, we can tell!).

We want to see what you can do—show us your authentic voice and skills.


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