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SEO & e-commerce ASSOCIATE


Location: Bali, Indonesia

Is SEO your second language? Do you have a way with words that can turn a plain product description into one both people and Google love to read, without losing its authenticity or making it sound forced? Does the thought of optimizing web content to climb the ranks in search results get your heart racing? 

We’re looking for an SEO & E-commerce Associate who can turn our commitment to ethical jewelry into top-ranking, easy-to-find content, optimized to reach the right audiences. 

In this role, you'll get your hands dirty with every aspect of our online content- helping people discover how beautiful sustainable choices can be. 

You’re ready to sprinkle SEO magic across our blog posts and product pages to make sure Google can’t help but rank us higher.

Expected start date: immediately

What you'll be doing:

  • Website content creation

    - You’ll craft content that aligns perfectly with our brand's voice and ethical stance, like writing detailed product descriptions and blog posts to make sure Google can’t help but rank us higher.

  • SEO strategy and optimization
    - You’ll make sure every piece of content, from blog posts to product pages, is optimized for maximum visibility and engagement. 
    - You’ll develop and implement our SEO strategy, including performing keyword research to understand what our audience is searching for and optimizing our content to rank well. 

  • Website optimization

    - Working closely together with the E-commerce Manager, you’ll constantly refine and revamp the website so it doesn't only look good, but is also optimized for search engines and user experience. Think updating product pages with keyword-rich tags and meta descriptions, backlink building and optimizing navigation and collection pages, so every visitor's journey from homepage to checkout is seamless and satisfying.

  • Analyzing and reporting: 

    - You're not just launching content into the web and hoping for the best. You’ll analyze performance using tools like GA4, Ubersuggest and SEMrush to see what's working and what isn't.

Your skill set:

  • Proven track record of SEO-driven content creation? Check. 

  • High-quality, high-impact web content? Double-check. 

  • Exceptional English? Non-negotiable. 

  • You’ve got the copywriting experience: think crafting high-converting online content such as blog posts, product descriptions, and landing pages.

  • You're tech-savvy and comfortable with HTML/CSS, Shopify, and SEO tools like SEMrush, Google Analytics, and more.

 Reading this makes you say, “That’s definitely ME!”:

  • Your English is impeccable. You can spot a typo from a mile away and have strong feelings about the Oxford comma.

  • You’re all about solutions. When a problem pops up, you’re already three steps ahead, troubleshooting with the best of them. And you're not afraid to experiment with new strategies to achieve better results.

  • Your middle name? Initiative. You see what needs to be done, and you do it—no hand-holding required.

  • You're a word nerd: Your writing is crisp, engaging, and meticulously tailored to meet both SEO needs and brand voice. You understand the power of narrative in e-commerce and use it to drive results.

  • You love the tech: You’re comfortable with CMS tools, can navigate Shopify with ease, and you’re always tuned into the latest in SEO trends and Google updates.

  • You’re a stickler for details. Nothing gets past you, from a missing link to a misaligned image on a webpage.

  • You’re a lifelong learner: SEO and digital marketing are constantly evolving, and so are you. You’re on the pulse of SEO trends and best practices. You adapt quickly to new algorithms and ensure our content stays ahead of the curve.


  • Lack fluent English writing skills.

  • Only use AI for writing.

  • Are not into analytics or numbers and the thought of analyzing performance metrics and revising strategies doesn’t excite you.

  • Are looking for a "write it and leave it" kind of role.

  • Find writing content to be a tedious task.

  • Consider technical website adjustments too far outside your comfort zone.

  • Aren’t an Indonesian national based in Bali.


Originality required:

Please do not use chat GPT for your application (yes, we can tell!).

We want to see what you can do—show us your authentic voice and skills.


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