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Amethyst and Blue Diamond Ring

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She said once, "Take your broken heart, make it into art." And now your heart gives birth to the most abundant beauty. Every time it shatters, honey flows out of the cracks; words vibrate through its veins, weaving the sweetest lullabies you've ever heard.

This ring features a round cut amethyst in a deep purple color and two vibrant blue diamonds, set with an open back so the amethyst touches your bare skin. The ring has a dainty band for comfortable wear. 


Create a colourful set with the Courage ring.  


Ethical Jewelry - What does that really mean?

We’re crazy about jewelry, and serious about doing it ethical. Our vision is 100% ethical jewelry. This means free of mercury, without endangering our forests and wildlife, and supporting artisanal miners and makers. Not just our jewelry. But all jewelry, worldwide. 

To us, ethical jewelry means a journey to transform our supply chains for gold, gemstones and diamonds. We get to know all the wonderful people involved in making your dream jewelry.

It’s our end–to-end promise that the jewelry you so dearly love, is also a way for you to show your love for everything around you. 

Take our word that at Gardens of the Sun, you can shop guilt-free.