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Crowned Tanzanite Ring in Rose Gold

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She's soft and strong, like water. Sometimes she's a trickle, gentle and fresh. But her torrential currents can sweep you off your feet, make you happily lost to the world, immersed in her.

The oval tanzanite has beautiful pleochroism, with shades of purple and a pale greenish blue depending on the angle. She's a real mermaid gemstone this one! The tanzanite weighs 0.61 ct. 

The center stone is crowned by just over 0.1 ct diamonds - two reclaimed white diamonds on each side and five blue diamonds over its head. 

You'll receive the very ring from the photos.


Magical on her own.

Customer Reviews

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Best option for a Mother's ring!

Beautiful stones and setting, I had originally requested in birth order. Misha reached out to me with pictures and asking about the positions of stones on the ring. She wanting to make sure it was ok. Suggested to shuffle if I was not happy with what I had picked. Her suggestion was WAY better. All turned out perfect! Thank you!

Nice ring

The box and stone explanation cards were very nice . Good quality ring !

Gorgeous ring + wonderful experience!

I created a custom birthstone ring for my mom and received absolutely wonderful customer service. I reached out via email and asked if it would be possible for some of the stones to be different sizes and shapes than they had advertised on their site, and I received a prompt response. They sent me multiple options and worked with me until I found exactly what I wanted. They even sent me pictures of the finished product and offered to make changes if anything looked out of place. The process took a little longer than I planned, but it was well worth it! The finished ring is beautifully made and the gemstones are gorgeous. I can’t say enough good things about my experience with Gardens of the Sun! Highly recommend!

Absolutely beautiful!

I love having the opportunity to help create such a beautiful piece, and one with meaning. The stones are vibrant and gorgeous. It is well-made and will be loved for generations. Thank you so much!