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Pear Diamond Slice Ring in Rose Gold

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Oh, noble woman, where have you gone with my heart? The question hangs in the air after your every exhale. She did it so swiftly, you didn’t even notice. She was in and out – quick as a fox, graceful as a swan – stole your heart in exchange for her word, and then was one with the stars. Oh, noble woman, where are you now?


  • US size 4.75 - 0.40 ct chubby triangular pear diamond slice that measures 7.3 x 6 mm. Really interesting inclusions in this one!
  • SOLD US size 6.5 - 0.23 elongated pear diamond slice, positioned horizontally along the band. Measures 5 x 8 mm. Some nice clear parts in the slice, but surface is imperfect - hence really good price.
  • US size 6.5 - 0.31 ct warm brown pear shaped diamond slice. The dark brown and orange veins give the inclusions a wonderful depth. Measures 6 x 8 mm. 

You'll receive your choice from the three diamond slice rings in the photos. Eternity band is not included.


Wear alone or with a curved, black diamond nesting band

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful,elegant timeless ring

Amazing customer service , so easy to communicate with and prompt replies. This ring is stunning and goes perfectly with my engagement ring which gardens of the sun also made and were super helpful in helping me choose a wedding band to match .
Cannot thank gardens of the sun enough for my beautiful rings, I'm in love and so proud to wear their beautiful ethical jewellery for life.
The unboxing was so much fun they put so much care and detail into their jewellery and all the lovely little extras. Xx

Sweetest Little Ring

I purchased the mini diamond slice ring as little “you’ve been killing it lately” gift for myself. It is so gorgeous - I love how elegant it looks and feels! It’s dainty but strong, subtle but interesting and unique. I’ve been drooling over Gardens of the Sun on Instagram for years now and am SO pleased to finally have a piece of my own. One last note: unboxing my ring was quite special. It is clear that the team here puts immense thought, care, and love into every part of the client experience!

Couldn't love it more

The ring is just what I dreamed it would be and the gardens of the sun team were a joy to buy from. Thank you!!

An ethical, conscious and remarkably well done jewelry

I'm so glad I chose to ask Gardens of he Sun to do the engagement ring for my fiancee. It looks really beautiful, I couldn't have hope for something better. My fiancee is so happy with it. And the diamonds are ethical, which matters a lot to us.

I want to also express my gratitude for the quality of their customer service, super helpful and responsible. Problems happened during the process of making the ring, Gardens of the Sun took total responsibility for them and offered me solutions which were more than satisfying. I strongly recommend.