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Green Apatite Ring

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The truth is she makes you skip a beat, with your heart drumming a rhythm that travels to the skies. You know everyone can hear it; it’s so loud, it’s so erratic, but then again your heartbeat always does this when she’s around. 


  • Sterling silver
  • Oval apatite from Madagascar
  • Chrome diopside from Russia
  • A piece to help you get clarity on your goals


Simple and minimal with a translucent green color. A humble and comforting combination of apatite and a single diopside. 

Some gemstones are known the world over, but diopside lives in relative obscurity. Chrome diopside was first discovered in 1988, in the Inagli river valley near the snowy mountains of eastern Siberia. This is a region with rough terrain and harsh winters that last more than eight months, making the mining of this scarce gemstone is only possible in June through August. 

The gemstone's deep and lush forest green color easily rivals that of emerald, tsavorite garnet or chrome tourmaline. It jumps with vivid, rich and deep fern green sparkles, as delicious as any green gem can be. All natural and untreated, with no heat, radiation, diffusion or oils used to enhance this stone. 

Style Tips

Stack this piece with the silver nesting band or a tsavorite garnet band that's perfectly curved to stack with this ring.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
My family jewel

I love it! It’s simple and unique. It’s extra special to since the birth store represents mine, my husband and our baby boy’s birthday!

She's a beauty!

I LOVE my aquamarine and tourmaline ring. I've been stalking the Gardens of the Sun instagram for a while, thanks to my sister. There have been so many pieces that I have absolutely adored but never pulled the trigger to bring home. When this series came up I couldn't help myself and it was worth it. This is something I now wear every day, all the time. It is dainty and beautiful and the colors are amazing and I love having a sustainably created piece. It has actually become my reminder to live more thoughtfully. I can't take a better picture of my ring than they provided so I won't.

The ring that started it all!

This labradorite and moonstone ring was gifted to me during a tough change in my life, and it’s been a steady favourite over the past four years. It also kick started my love for Gardens of the Sun rings. Look at the glow!

My favourite green beauty

I’ve owned this this ring for a few years now, and it is my favourite to wear every day. I get many compliments on it, I guess it catches everyone’s eye!