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Borneo Sapphire Hidden Gems Ring in Eco Gold

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You've started to forget the sound of your own voice. She laughs at the faces you make, and she knows exactly what you mean from the way your hands reach for hers. Her heart speaks to yours in beats, and the quiet that surrounds the both of you is filled with the sweetest love song.


  • 18 karat yellow eco-gold
  • Natural, unheated Borneo rubies - July birthstone
  • Natural, unheated Borneo blue sapphire - September birthstone
  • Ready stock

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Deep hues of red and blue grace these Borneo rubies and sapphirers. Deliciously dark shades that come with secret histories of the lush Borneo forests. Wrapped snuggly in an ethical yellow gold band that hails from the same island, this ethical ring is a pioneer in so many ways.

The sapphires and rubies used in these rings were mined using mostly manual mining and panning by indigenous people in the very heart of Borneo. I visited their village and mine site, and now purchase directly from the miners. I can assure you these stones are untreated and that the miners receive fair pay.

Traceable Borneo rubies and sapphires are combined with gold sourced from indigenous women miners in Central Kalimantan for the ultimate ethical gold ring that can be worn stacked or on its own.

You'll receive a one of a kind ethical gold ring from the photos. 

Wear it with Idaho garnet earrings with hidden gems.


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Dream Come True

Every thing about our experience was perfect. The price, the shipping, the ring itself. The details are stunning. Having this consciously crafted beauty on my finger makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world.