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Custom Double Birthstone Ring

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There were two of you – one fit all the perfect grooves of the Universe, while the other forged its own path. No matter. Both, together, were the reason galaxies are born.


  • Sterling silver
  • Two birthstones of your choice
  • Made to order in 6 to 8 weeks


A birthstone is a gemstone that represents someone's month of birth. In the 16th century, people believed each stone gave the person wearing it special powers. Whether it was for luck, love, prosperity or health; the stone was worn like a talisman.

Celebrating a friendiversary with your bestie? Forget friendship necklaces, pick your birthstones and take that gift for your BFF up a notch. 

Or here's a Mother's Day gift idea; select your and your sibling' birthstones, and this ring will be a gift for Mom to cherish. Same goes for a baby shower present! (Bonus points if it's twins!)

Choose any two birthstones in your favorite shape, and your design will be on its way to becoming real. You can choose whether you'd prefer a half round or a round band, as well as the position of the stones.

As your ring will be made to order, there is a production time of 6 to 8 weeks.

The final price will be automatically adjusted depending on the stones you choose. There's an additional $45 for each diamond.

Need more or less stones? Build your own single,triple ormulti birthstone ring

Personalize it even more by adding a hand engraving. (Only possible for half round bands, as the round bands are too dainty.)

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Beautiful product and packaging

I loved the packaging and messages! It was a true experience. The earrings are beautiful and exceeded my expectations!

Excellent quality and service

Firstly, the communication in helping pick the right gift was exceptional. Quick responses and really helpful solutions.
The ring arrived on time, and was packaged up beautifully.
Will definitely be back to get myself something next time!

I'm so in love

I fell in love with this ring the moment I saw it online and had to buy it. When it arrived it was wrapped so beautifully with so much love and attention to detail. I fell even more in love with my ring when I saw it and I haven't taken it off since! It's beautifully crafted and is so gorgeous and dainty.


Petite and lovely. Gorgeous colour. Pair well with my other studs to make interesting and noteworthy combinations. Like every piece I have from here, It is a great addition to my style.