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Old Mine Cut Borneo Diamond Ring in Yellow Gold

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Be like the trees, the moon, the neon colored beetles in the dirt. Live knowingly. Trust that every moment, you change a little, grow a little, even if unnoticed. Until one day, looking back, the magnificent explosion that is your life takes your breath away. 


  • 18 karat yellow gold, mined with traditional and low impact practices by indigenous Dayak women in Central Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo, who receive fair pay
  • 0.35 ct old mine cut diamond from South Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo, comes with certificate from the South Kalimantan Gem Laboratory (SKGL)
  • Six Canadian icy white diamonds in the band
  • Conflict free and ethically sourced materials
  • One of a kind


The eye catcher of this ring is an oval diamond from South Kalimantan, Indonesia. The oval diamond weighs a third of a carat and has been cut by hand in Martapura, South Kalimantan. The diamond is mostly clear with some small inclusions, it could be called a very light salt and pepper diamond, although it's a lot less included than most. The cut is slightly irregular and has a lot of character. A beautiful stone if you're into antique diamonds. 

According to the accompanying diamond certificate: 

  • Cushion brilliant cut
  • Weighs 0.35 ct
  • Measures 4.74 x 4.64 x 2.06 mm
  • Cut grade is fair
  • Clarity SI1 with noticeable inclusions, namely feather, cavity and bearded girdle
  • Faint yellow color M

The ethical diamond has been securely set in 18 karat gold. This gold was responsibly mined by indigenous Dayak women in Central Kalimantan, who receive a 20% premium for their gold (as compared to the national gold price at the time) in exchange for using low impact techniques that are free of mercury and cyanide. 

We only get small batches of this gold, because traditional gold panning means they only get very small particles of gold, which combines into less than a gram a day. Your ring is a true labor of love. 

Would make a wonderful ethical engagement ring or wedding band for the couple who cares about responsible sourcing and where the materials came from. After all, a ring that's supposed to symbolize your love should leave you feeling empowered and guilt-free.

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A dream!

It is always a joy to unbox a new box from Gardens of the Sun!
My Opal ring is stunning and it is very special to think that it is one of a kind! The color play is quite fun and makes the ring even more interesting.

I am in love!

Beautiful pieces!

This is a great bundle! I loved the suspense and surprise of what was coming. I love the simple yet elegant necklace; it will match so much. The rings are amazing! Thank you so much!!

Beautiful bling

It's always a delight to receive a package from gardens of the sun, it's always beautifully presented and the contents are divine! Totally in love with my surprise bundle of rings and earrings 💕


The process of communicating with the staff was wonderful. They were so helpful in the process of creating, ordering, and paying for my girlfriends ring. They were so willing to work with me and helped me with any and all questions that I had about the ordering. I would highly recommend working with the team here, I am so excited to give this ring to my SO and see her excitement in it.