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Oval Himalaya Tourmaline Ring

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There’s a golden spot in her left pupil, it moves across the surface like the sun from sunrise to sunset. And just like the sun, she pierces through your clouds to make way for her shine; the blinding radiance that lights up every dark corner, smothering the shadows. She lights up your day. But that’s the biggest understatement of your life.


  • Sterling silver
  • Oval tourmaline, ethically sourced from the Himalaya mine, California, USA
  • October birthstone


A warm, autumn colored tourmaline set in a simple bezel setting. The everyday ring you've been searching for to match the depth of her brown eyes. Each stone has a slightly different color. Some are more olive green, others more like dark, rich honey. I also see some ambers and garnet reds. 

The tourmaline has been ethically sourced from the Himalaya mine in California, USA. 

Style Tips

Stack with the silver nesting band that's perfectly curved to stack with this ethically sourced tourmaline ring.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews
So much love ❤️

I love my new sapphire necklace, so delicate and sweet. Plays a nice little peekaboo in my everyday wear!

Blessed and loved

I have so much words to say about my beautiful experience with Gardens of the Sun but two are the ones that full my heart: blessing and love.
From the moment I made my order until it reached me, I felt blessed and loved by the great team of GotS and by my dainty and stunning ring that you can see down here.
This acquamarine treasure makes me so happy and I’m looking forward to purchase another as lovely.
It means a lot to me, and if looking at the image you feel the same I suggest you to buy it because you won’t regret it. Thank you so much! 💛

Perfect ring set

The pink sapphire ring and rainbow moonstones ring couldn't fit more beautifully together. It feels like a match made in heaven. The color of the pink sapphire is so exquisite. It slightly varies from lilac to pink whether I put it under natural or artificial light. I can tell these Gardens of the Sun rings were made with so much love and passion.


Everything about Gardens Of The Sun was amazing! Quick delivery, Quick and easy service, superb presentation of the jewelry! I am definitely coming back!