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Rough Montana Sapphire Earrings

Sapphires. Rough. Untouched... The wild blueish and greenish hues give such a rustic appeal to these sapphires. 

Blink and you'll miss it – the sweet sorrow behind her eyes. But you can taste it in her teardrops, hear it in her sigh, feel it in the way her lashes flutter. Despite it all, she stands strong and walks with pride. 

Completely natural, rich and vibrant colors, with a brilliance that never dims. The sapphires are sourced from alluvial deposits in Rock Creek, Montana, USA. Montana sapphires are typically fairtrade with ethical mining practices. If ethical considerations and origin of the gemstone are important to you, this ring is for you. 

Each pair of earrings is naturally different because each rough sapphire has a slightly different color of mint green meeting ocean to teal blue, shape and size. 


Wear with matching Montana sapphire ring.


Customer Reviews

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I bought this as a temporary engagement ring for my now fiancée (she said YES!). The ring is beautiful, my fiancée loves it and said it is perfect. I got to unwrap it and all the packaging is lovely too. She is now on the hunt for her next gardens of the sun ring!

Cute and thoughtful

I thought the whole process from reading about the piece, to buying it, to waiting for it in the mail and finally unboxing it was really sweet. The ring itself is okay quality. My moonstone is a little loose in the setting and there's a big crack in it. Otherwise, it's a really unique piece.

Thank you so much for sharing your honest thoughts with us. We're very sorry to hear that the Mooonstone smile ring didn't work out. However we're glad that we can step in and come together to get another beautiful ring home to you instead. We'd love nothing more than getting the perfect ring for you. We hope you enjoy your new ring! ;)
its sensacional

i love it


First of all, the box was wrapped in such love and care!!! The amount of finesse put into the packaging alone had me swooning big time!! And the ring itself!! I purchased the moonstone smile ring and I will never regret it! I saw it once and fell in absolute love! The ring itself is amazing quality too! The gemstone is like nothing I’ve ever seen before and the band hasn’t bent or scraped or torn in any way. I still stop to stare at it because it’s sooo ethereal! I would definitely buy with them again!! You don’t know the joy this ring has brought to my astrological loving heart!!!!