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Ruby and Pepper Ring in Gold

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Abuse. She let the words sink in. Sure, their marriage wasn’t what it had once been. And over time, it simply became the new normal. To step out of the relationship took more courage and strength than she thought she had in her. She had to face her own demons and stop escaping her fear of loneliness. To open her heart wide to groundlessness. To step out of the victim role and be the leader of a wildly new future. For herself.


  • 18 karat yellow gold
  • 1.75 ct unheated ruby from Tanzania, cut by Abraham Gamez, measures 9.26 x 6.31 x 2.86 mm 
  • July birthstone 


A ruby that is rectangular with interesting lines and corners is set in a double pronged yellow gold band. With strength and determintation in spades, this ring exudes the kind of raw passion that we all wish we could harness. Allow it to accompany you in your journey through all the highs and lows, and revel in its supportive nature.

You'll receive this one of a kind deep red ruby ring from the photos.

Wear it with garnet and ruby necklace.


Customer Reviews

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A future heirloom

My partner and I actually designed this ring together to be my engagement ring because he was worried about picking a ring without my input (I would be the one wearing it forever, not him). The whole process of designing the ring was incredibly easy because we could look at all of our options and take our time in deciding what stone(s) and which style we wanted exactly. Not only was the designing process easy and less intimidating than going to a store, but it was awesome to be able to know where exactly each of the materials were sourced, and the process in which it would be made. I love knowing that this ring was made ethically by a company that truly cares about every step of the process, from the point at which they received the materials to the point where I received the ring. We are so happy we decided to make our engagement ring through the team at Gardens of the Sun because this future heirloom deserves its story of being made without conflict by a company that is devoted to changing how jewellery can and should be made.

Uniquely Beautiful Engagement Ring

We love our custom tourmaline gold ring! GOTS gave us the opportunity to design a forever ring that complemented both personalities of the bride and groom at a very affordable price. It was important for us that the ring was produced from ethically sourced materials and created with care in an environment where the employees were treated fairly, and I was happy to find this here.

I cannot express how much more beautiful our ring is in person! Customer service (Misha) was impeccable, beyond helpful, and the sweetest! The two additional silver rings I ordered were very pretty and of the highest quality too. I will definitely continue to shop here in the future!

My only suggestion to other customers is to do a little research on the postal method you select for mailing. DHL was very frustrating to deal with here in the SE U.S. Tracking wasn't always accurate and took longer than it was supposed to have.

A dream!

It is always a joy to unbox a new box from Gardens of the Sun!
My Opal ring is stunning and it is very special to think that it is one of a kind! The color play is quite fun and makes the ring even more interesting.

I am in love!

Beautiful pieces!

This is a great bundle! I loved the suspense and surprise of what was coming. I love the simple yet elegant necklace; it will match so much. The rings are amazing! Thank you so much!!