Salt and Pepper Diamond Ring in Eco Silver

The melancholic calls of the pre-dawn sky wake you from slumber. You sit quietly in awe of her majesty. Every color of the night, blending breathtakingly with the promise of tomorrow.


  • Recycled sterling silver
  • 0.23ct / 0.43ct brilliant cut round salt and pepper diamond from Botswana, some surface pits
  • April birthstone

Giftwrapped in banana fiber paper boxes, shipped worldwide. Fast, carbon neutral and plastic free.


We believe that a good start results in goodness, all the way through. And we start with the materials.

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For every piece of jewelry you buy from us, we plant 5 trees. Over 30,000 trees and counting. It's complimen-tree!


Brilliant cut salt and pepper diamonds from Botswana held by an open sided bezel setting. Settle in for the ride, as you enjoy how light interacts with the ever popular salt and pepper diamonds. Wrapped in recycled sterling silver, this is an everyday ring that you'll want to write epic poems about.

The diamonds have some surface pits, which means that these diamonds have natural imperfections and inclusions that reach the surface of the diamond in the polishing process. They're not perfect, which has been reflected in the heavily discounted price. 

Check the photos to see which recycled silver salt and pepper diamond ring will head your way.

The diamonds used in this jewelry have been purchased from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict and in compliance with United Nations resolutions. Based on personal knowledge and/or written guarantees provided by the supplier they are mined in accordance with the Kimberley Process.

Wear this ethical diamond ring with the Rose Cut Diamond Necklace for an ethical diamond jewelry set to keep, or to gift to an April baby.

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Perfectly perfect

Gave this ring to my significant other for our anniversary, it is her birthstone and she absolutely loved it, thank you again, I will be a returning customer for sure.

This ring is so dreamy!

The jewelery is always packaged so tenderly in the most heartfelt little box. The paper flower made me smile, like I was getting a gift from a friend.
The ring is beautiful. So creamy and icy. I love wearing it and catching my own eye with it's shiny sparkle. I'm so lucky my birthstone is this gorgeous!


My ring was more beautiful in person! The wrapping and presentation was so beautiful as well! This is the second ring I’ve bought from this company and I continue to be impressed! Can’t wait until my next ring!

Stunning Kite Citrine!

I am always so in awe of these beautiful pieces when they arrive at my door. The Gardens of the Sun team packages each piece with so much love and care. My kite citrine ring is absolutely gorgeous and I’m truly never disappointed by the quality of these gemstones. Knowing that everything is sourced ethically and sustainably only makes each purchase that much more special! Thank you so much 🧡

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