digital marketing assistant

[Indonesian national] 

Are you the Digital Marketing Assistant we need?

Are you a word lover, a social media geek, and a data-driven marketing genius?

We’re looking for a marketing assistant to help us get the word out there (that we create like, the most ethical and beautiful jewelry, ever, period). You’ll be responsible for growing recognition of Gardens of the Sun - helping new clients find and connect with us through engaging and authentic content. 

You’re a social media and copywriting wizard with a passion for crafting engaging content that stops scrollers in their tracks. Your "eagle eye" attention to detail and love for systems will come in handy as you plan, create, and publish content on our social media channels. Not only do you have a keen eye for marketing and know how to create eye-catching content that makes a lasting impression, but you also understand the importance of authenticity and transparency, and know how to communicate in a way that builds trust and loyalty with our audience. 

You love learning everything you can about our brand and dig into the customer experience, so even more clients tell us how human, personal and thoughtful our emails and captions are. 

Overall, you're a creative marketing wizard who takes pride in delivering top-notch content and always goes the extra mile to ensure your work meets the highest standards. 

Are you ready to present Gardens of the Sun as a national and global leader on ethical jewelry, plant the seed that pretty jewelry doesn’t need to sacrifice people or the planet, and help potential clients looking for responsible jewelry find us? 

If this sounds like you, we'd love to hear from you!

Expected start date: Immediately (tomorrow? ;-))


  • Content Creation and Curation:
    You'll help develop captivating copy and content, like engaging social media captions, Instagram stories, and Reels formats for platforms like Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram.

  • Social Media Management: 
    Consider social media platforms your playground! You'll manage our accounts on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Add TikTok if that excites you. You stay on top of the latest social media trends and platforms, creating and scheduling posts and stories, engaging with our followers, and keeping an eye on what's hot. Your mission is to build a strong online presence and forge meaningful connections with our audience.

  • Draft copy of product descriptions

  • Supporting the Marketing Manager and Team with Project Organization:

    Behind the scenes, you'll provide administrative support to keep our marketing department running smoothly. This includes organizing meetings, managing calendars and coordinating marketing materials. Your organizational skills will keep everything running like a well-oiled machine.

  • Be a File Hero and Monitor Marketing Efforts: 

    You'll keep a close eye on our campaigns, crunching numbers and analyzing data to create reports that provide insights and help us make smarter decisions. You also keep our marketing files and databases organized and easily accessible, making our creative flow seamless.

  • Help with Other Marketing Duties, Copywriting and Special Projects:
    As Marketing Assistant, you'll lend a hand wherever needed. You might assist with scheduling email newsletters, writing product descriptions, or even contribute to special projects like backlink building or influencer collaborations. 

Your tasks may change over time as you become more experienced and grow with PT Ethical Jewelry and Goods. 

No in-depth experience with Pinterest or social media strategy needed, because you’ll be trained on the job. We’re looking for a junior with (near) native English, the right attitude and a way with words. Someone keen to learn from and alongside our team. You’re obsessed with detail and understand our unique brand tone of voice, perspective and values. Clear, consistent and engaging is how you like it! 


  • You thrive in that sweet spot between creativity and strategy.

  • You have a way with words, top notch English grammar and excellent writing skills. 

  • You’re always up-to-date with the latest social media trends and features, and know how to use them to your advantage. 

  • You have a genuine interest in people and in connecting with them in a variety of ways 

  • You are a self starter, ready to roll up your sleeves and do what it takes to get the task done, and will communicate and collaborate to achieve your to do list

  • Planning is your middle name and you always stay ahead of the game, making sure our content calendar is organized and ready to go. 

  • You get the details right - you don’t half-ass anything or let little things slip through the cracks, you always double check your spelling

  • You find satisfaction in simplifying systems, processes, and communication flow wherever possible. You love to work with a team to come up with content ideas and schedule them in advance, making sure to mix up the formats and themes to keep things fresh.

  • Connection is your middle name and thinking out of the box is how you roll, so you can make Gardens of the Sun stand out enough to make the scrolling pause 


  • Don’t have the writing skills of a native English speaker

  • Can’t communicate in a conversational tone 

  • Can’t take constructive feedback and criticism on your writing

  • Don't have the ability to work independently without constant direction

  • Aren’t based in Bali

  • Are looking for a remote position



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