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to join our dream team

About gardens of the sun

Gardens of the Sun is an e-commerce brand based in Bali. We make some of the most ethical jewelry out there.

We value long-term thinking, the environment and craftsmanship by people who enjoy their work with pride. Founded by a sustainability consultant turned designer, we want to impact the people who buy from us as well as those we work with.

Come join our team

At Gardens of the Sun, we don’t care about fancy titles or the perfect skills. There are plenty of opportunities to learn on the job. 

Your motivation and passion for creating positive change is what's going to turn this job into a long-term fit.

That’s why we do care if you:

  • are excited about learning and doing new things, and consider them a fun challenge

  • are comfortable with alittle chaos. We move fast and sometimes you need to wing it without all of the information. 

  • aren’t afraid to speak up and bring new ideas to the tablewhen you see opportunities to do better

  • are confident in your ability tofind solutions when you hit obstacles

  • care intensely about creating WOW (=exceeding expectations) experiences for our clients  

  • are a brilliant communicator, both written and verbally
  • thrive with big picture strategy thinking and also love rolling around in the details. No stray typos get by you!

  • are a born go getter — always looking for ways to add value, be the best at what you do and improve efficiency


This is what makes Gardens of the Sun your dream place to work - and why no one ever wants to leave our team:

  • Flexible working hours

  • Full training & development

  • Weekly vegetarian office lunch and yoga classes (currently on hold due to Covid-19)

  • You’ll be working from our lush and green Bali studio in a collaborative, multicultural and fun-loving team

  • Amazing employee discount on all the sparkly things

  • No dress code

  • 20 days of annual leave, on top of national holidays

  • An equal opportunity environment that encourages you to learn and grow

how do we rate your application?

Do you want to experience what it’s like to work as part of a fast-growing brand? Are you excited to join our team? If so, we may have a spot for you!

The Gardens of the Sun application process consists of three rounds.

First, we’d like to get to know you and how you work. If you think you’re the perfect fit, you can fill out several questions that revolve around our core values and who you are. You can find these on each job application page.

We’ll take a look at your application and if we feel the fit is right, you’re invited for the next round.

If you make it to the second round, this means we’d like to know you even a bit better! We’ll ask you to do a short assignment based on different scenarios, similar to how you would when working in our team. 

The final step of our application process is an invitation to visit our studio (via Zoom) and meet our team. This is your chance to ask questions and get to know us better. There’ll be an interview and you may be asked to complete an assignment related to the position you’re applying for.

Open Vacancies


Indonesian national

You’ll be guiding our amazing Gardens of the Sun community of existing and potential clients, and build our community even stronger. We want every single client to feel like they matter to us, and it's your role to make sure they feel super loved and appreciated by us.  

Gardens of the Sun has a strong brand voice and vision, and you understand how to use our unique, playful voice. 

You love building relationships with our community. Thanks to you, our clients keep coming back.

You're a (near) native English speaker with the right attitude and a way with words.


Indonesian national

Being a part of our Client Experience team means you’ll be talking with and helping our clients about everything from finding the perfect engagement ring to which ring size or metal to choose. You'll make every client feel blown-away by their experience and make sure they know we truly care about them for the long run. 

You' re pro-active in constantly improving our client experience. As you’ll be closest to our clients and practically their friend, you are their voice in our team and you share their feedback. 

This is a great opportunity if you genuinely and passionately love taking care of people and want to make a positive impact through your role.


Indonesian national

This is a proactive customer service position for an organizational genius, who absolutely loves to build long-term relationships. 

You’ll be in charge of managing all orders and ensuring all the pieces arrive safe and sound to their new home. Communication is key - with our business partner who makes the jewelry, as well as with our amazing Gardens of the Sun community of existing and potential clients.

As you’ll work closely together with both our customers and customer experience team, you’ll learn all the nitty-gritty details about our products so you can identify errors or improvements, and creating ways of working better for the whole team.  


Indonesian national

You're a “system thinker” with a “just get it done” attitude. This means you want to become the best at what you do, care about details and you can see the bigger picture and connect dots across multiple disciplines like data, design, product and brand.

As our e-commerce assistant you’ll be a technical problem solver with “eagle eyes” attention to detail. You’ll be assisting with systems and processes related to online sales, like listing new products, updating stones on the custom products, keeping the website up to date, keeping track of which items need to be restocked, doing analysis of which products do well, helping with pop-ups, setting up retargeting ads... 

Depending on your experience you may also be involved in conversion rate optimization and web page layout. 


Think you would be the right person to come join our team, but can’t find a role that matches your strengths? 

Submit an open application and let us know how you think you could help us be better.

This is only for serious applicants who have a unique talent that they can contribute to our team.

Like special treatment?