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Have you ever looked at the ring on your finger, and asked, " Wow, I have great taste in jewelry, but who actually made this? Is it as beautiful to the people who created this as it is to me?”.

Tell me. You have, right?

I've asked myself the above question. Because I want to be sure that the things I enjoy don't unintentionally harm the world.

You want to have your dream piece of jewelry, maybe even the ring. Here’s the thing though. You don’t want your money to end up making other people feel miserable, fund violent conflict or destroy the environment.

Before starting Gardens of the Sun, I worked for a decade to protect our forests and wildlife, and help people struggling to make a living. After seeing all that was wrong in the world during my day job, I wanted to bring more beautiful things into my world.

Gardens of the Sun was born.

Our jewelry is produced in the most ethical way possible, so that you can shop jewelry without a pang of guilt. Our jewelry contributes to something bigger, so that you can wear your jewelry with pride, knowing it makes a meaningful change in people’s lives. Jewelry that’s beautiful both in how it looks, and how it’s made.

Gardens of the Sun is a women-owned business where a client doesn’t just mean money or profits, but where every client becomes part of a movement. Where every purchase has an impact.

We’re on a mission to meet every single person in our supply chain to see how we can make a difference in their lives - in a really good way.

So here’s my hope for you. I hope that you will wear our jewelry and that every single day, it reminds you of your purpose and of the impact your choices have on this world.

- Meri Geraldine

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