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Not sure which gemstone is the one for you? 

Learn about each gem's special powers. 

Then pick the one that speaks to you. 



Let go of the bad vibes, and walk towards the light. February babies, this one's for you.


Increase your appetite in life with apatite. Dance, laugh, love. DIY your wildest dreams. Enjoy the path to wisdom by living out your truest self


Just like the first streaks of sunshine in spring, Aquamarine is the March darling’s source of light.


Citrine is the November birthstone, its sunny warm colors shimmers with a golden glow

dendritic agate

Master the art of humor, and live your life with lightness and joy. Agate lets you unravel from your own self-imposed limitations, and move forward with kindness and self love.


Diamond is the April birthstone. It can be uncut and raw, or smooth and shiny - either way, the diamond is a hard-knock-ride-or-die-4 eva kinda rock.


Emerald glows lush green in abundance for the May babe. It helps you stay sharp in the mind, soft in the soul, and successful in life.


Garnet is a sensual stone for January babes. It helps with negative thought patterns, blesses you with confidence and builds up those positive vibes.


Kornerupine is a stone to manifest calmness despite the storm. It cools down high energy and loosen tight knots, a spiritual massage to let your mind decompress.


Kyanite’s high vibrational energy is an all around miracle in the communication department. It keeps your mind articulate and your words immaculate, so you can say it as it is without the shame and guilt.


The mysterious moonstone carries the June babe’s hidden truths. It’s also a stone for travellers, dancers and artists.


Like a spiritual cleansing, morganite brings renewal to your heart. Morganite unclogs your internal mystery and lets that divine magic burst out of your heart into the world.


Opal dances with streaks of light, flashes of color for October babes. It’s lightning in a rainbow bottle. An underdog who keeps it real.


Pearls of wisdom for those born in June. It’s a healing gem, a spiritual token for the feminine; also known as the matrix of life itself.


Those born in August are born of fire, just like the peridot. It’s the closest humans can get to the sun. Embody peridot’s magic: gentle, fiery, layers of flavor, scintillating, brimming with life.


Did you know quartz makes clocks tick? Like, literally - it keeps the world running, moving, and on time. Need a rhythm in life? Or a rhyme, a pattern, a structure to stand tall? Quartz has it figured out.


A noble stone, the most magnificent ruby for a most magnificent July queen. A talisman of sorts, there’s no putting out ruby’s fiery glow.


Oh, divine sapphire, a fallen star that chose to fall, to fly, to shine with and for the creatures down below. A birthstone for September and life-long love affairs.


Sunstone lets you loose. It brings to your heart a lot of sunshine and a lot of love - two things which keep you rollin’ in life with a good spirit.


Spinel is the favourite underdog of August born. She’s got high vibes, high energy, high hopes. She shares it all with you.


Tanzanite is an alternative December birthstone, said to relax and slow down those who deal with pressure and stress on a regular basis.


Topaz brings light, helps you foster buoyancy in life, and leads you forward. For the visionary November babes, this is the stone for you.


Tourmaline is a favorite for October flings. Tourmaline is infused with life’s flavors, tender pink and juicy green, and all the emotions in between.


Turquoise is the birthstone of December. She carries great wisdom of intuitive truth and memories of the elders. Speak up for love – she reminds you this everyday.


Zircon gets you high on dreams. It keeps your heart running wild and free, and let your imaginations run for epochs. For December dreamers, this one is for you.