Citrine personality. November birthstone. Scorpio birthstone. Sagitarius birthstone.

Citrine is a magnet for manifestation. What you wish, you will, so you do and then you be.

Citrine bathes in eternal sunshine. Like a domino push of the sun spreading happy forces across the earth, citrine is sunny goodness shooting joyous ripples from your heart out. 

November birthstone

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Like many other rocks, citrine was formed deep in the Earth’s belly. This gem has been through heat and fire. Cradled by lava as she cruised the Earth’s crust. 

Taught by time to endure her slow transformation into a powerful crystal. Across the millennia, she absorbed the warmth of the earth’s core, forming into the powerful citrine.

Citrine is the chirpy twin sister of amethyst. They’re of the same origin, the same womb. That’s why in certain areas, they’re nestled together in the same rock - like twins. Both are a type of quartz.

What sets the two apart is the level of oxidation. Natural citrine has a higher level of iron oxidation and tends to be softly tinged with yellow, whereas amethyst has a lower level of iron oxidation with colors ranging from soft lilac to deep plum. Other than that, the two of them are pretty much identical. You can even find stones that feature both the lovely warm tones of citrine, and the vibrant purple tones of amethyst - these unique stones are known as ametrine. A blend of the two sister stones.

While rubies and sapphires graced the crowns of royalty, citrine was the talisman of the knights and warriors. A sacred protector, embellished into swords and daggers in the form of intaglio (a gemstone engraving popular in the Roman era) to ward off evil intent.

But citrine can also be your edgy best friend. The Art Deco era of the 1920s (think Metropolis and the noir heroine Greta Garbo) was adorned with glowing citrine statement rings, of which Greta was a big fan. In short, citrine isn’t just your pretty ornament, she’s a symbol of an era. 

Birthstone for: November

Citrine zodiac sign: Scorpio (23 October - 21 November) and Sagittarius (22 November - 21 December 21

Citrine chakra

  • The second chakra -the Sacral chakra, located nead your abdomen. It's associated with the color orange. For a better balance in your body, and to rise above the physical world - and the judgements we're prone to making.

  • The third chakra - the Manipura chakra, located around your solar plexus. It's associated with the color yellow. For well being, clarity and common sense.   

Silver citrine jewelry

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How citrine fits into your life:

Your darling on your 17th anniversary | New moms | Your business partner | November vixens

where is citrine mined?

Natural citrine is quite the phenomena. This popular yellow gemstone mostly comes in a more translucent color of greenish yellow. A deeper yellow shade of citrine can be found dotting Russia’s mountainous range. Heated or not, citrine is a joyful thing.  

Our citrines are sourced from: Brazil, USA (California), Russia

Tough Love level: 7 Mohs scale of hardness


  • Pale Citrine

    A super pale, lightly tinted citrine, that's almost colorless!

  • Lemon Quartz Citrine

    A cool shade of yellow, a light citrusy color without any reddish or brownish tints. It's often irradiated to achieve this color!

  • Golden Citrine 

    A deep orange-yellow color. Straddling the line between light and dark.

  • Palmeria Citrine 

    An orange-amber color with brownish tones, super rich and warm.

  • Madeira Citrine 

    A natural highly saturated orange hue, like the color of sunset.

  • Ametrine

    Showing off the sisterhood between citrine and amethyst, ametrine shows a blend of citrine's yellow and amethyst's purple.

Citrine colors



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