Topaz as a person

Topaz drops truth bombs, then heals wounded souls — kintsugi-style. Unabashedly honest, topaz brings courage to face challenges, power through protests, and healing through pain. Topaz is the supernatural force dwelling in the dark and ready to catch you head-first when you fall.

That’s the magic of topaz. She doesn’t cover darkness with beauty. She embraces it, takes it all in, and cradles it in her arms until it becomes tender and light.

Raw topaz

Topaz was the sun. That’s one thing the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans agreed on. In these ancient empires, topaz was the symbol of Ra, Apollo and Jupiter. These were some of the most powerful superheroes in the multi-verse of the ancient world. Which tells us a lot about this gem.

Most topaz is colorless. Like the sun in a way, the source of all colors. But her shine is never overpowering, her glitter never over-the-top, and her glow is muted and shy.

You might say it’s nearly invisible. To this, the Romans will say wearing topaz renders you invisible and guards you from attacks of evil. Handy in the olden days of wars, or modern warriors shattering glass ceilings.

Glowing like a serene candle, it’s said that topaz was the sacred amulet for St. Hildegard of Bingen. And she was a powerful force. A luminary to many women of her era, she walked the fine line between being a woman of power and staying feminine as fudge. A true candle in the dark.

Birthstone for: November

Topaz zodiac sign: Scorpio (23 October - 21 November)

Topaz chakra:

  • The fifth chakra - the Throat or the Visuddha chakra. Located in the throat area. The first of the three spiritual chakras. Helping you to speak your truth, both to the world and to yourself.

  • The third chakra - the Solar Plexus or the Manipura chakra. Located near the stomach, centered around the core. It strengthens the connection between the body and the mind, and helps with balance.

  • The second chakra - the Sacral or the Svadhisthana chakra. Located below the navel, near the pelvic. A deeper connection to sensuality, creativity and pleasure. Helping you experience life to the fullest.

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How topaz fits into your life: 

Your darling on your 16th anniversary | New job | Moving into a new city | November vixens

Topaz personality
Topaz origins

Topaz is one unique stone. The name was believed to refer to the Greek island Topazios. A small island in the Red Sea, where people thought the stone came from. Yet, this is a misnomer. Topaz was mined from the hidden caves in Sri Lanka and merchants took her to Egypt and Greece. Nowadays, topaz is found in Brazil, Russia and the United States (Utah, California, Texas).

Our topaz was ethically sourced from: South Africa, Russia, USA (Colorado) and Brazil

Tough Love level: 8 Mohs scale of hardness

  • Blue topaz

    Naturally occurring blue topaz is very rare, and many vibrant blue topaz are irradiated. Blue topaz comes in several names; Sky Blue topaz (aqua-colored), Swiss blue topaz (bright, cheeky kind of blue), and London blue topaz (teal color, a more regal blue with slight green tone).

  • Imperial Topaz

    The imperial topaz comes in pink (super rare in nature), and pink-orange. A lot of pale imperial topaz is heat treated to gain a darker hue.

  • Brown Topaz

    Sometimes confused with smokey quartz, brown topaz is whiskey-colored and has a more golden luster.

  • White Topaz

    Colorless is the most natural form of topaz. The absence of impurities leaves topaz without any trace of color. Colorless topaz comes in great abundance and was once a popular alternative to diamonds.  

  • Mystic Topaz 

    A treated colorless topaz which has been artificially coated giving it a rainbow effect on its surface. It can look like light on oil slick, giving off a variety of colors.

A variety of topaz colors

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