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June Birthstone: Moonstone

moonstone june birthstone traits

She dances with wolves; she wanes and waxes, ebbs and flows. 

Ethereal, mercurial, but strong in her pull.

She's magnetic, she's intoxicating, and she goes oh-so-deep.

But she has a rhythm, you see, and as long as you follow her dance, and set your intention under the new moon, she lifts you up and you become one with the stars.

june birthstone moonstone

The mysterious moonstone carries the June babe’s hidden truths. Are you a dancer, or an artist, or a wandering beauty? Hang on to June’s birthstone, the moonstone, for your journeys – both inward and outward. It carries the power of the new moon, and just like the moon’s cleansing light, it washes away self-doubt and negative vibes. 

Moonstone is a stone for intuition, insight and feminine energy. This mysterious gemstone prepares your heart for renewal. It cleanses those untamed demons and deeply rooted trauma. Feeling lost, but not sure where you’re heading? Getting antsy for no reason? The juices of life, tasting just meh? Something is overstaying in your heart, for far too long. 

Moonstone opens the heart to love – the acceptance of love, the comfort of being nurtured. Goodness knows we all need some of that in our life. As it cracks open the sternum to let the heart burst through, it helps self-expression, self-acceptance, self-love…notice a pattern here?

Moonstones protect travelers of both the inward and outward persuasion. It’s also a great stone to amplify the feminine and erotic. Making a grid of 13 moonstone crystals in the bedroom – 12 crystals around and one centered under the bed – is great for sexy, sweaty love making. Rowr!


The moon

So where’s the magic in moonstone? It lies in the ghostly sheen just right underneath the surface.

Moonstone traps light and scatters it inside, creating a vivid imagery of a moonlight glowing in water. In geological words, moonstone consists of different layers of minerals, until it shows a depth, a world of blue sheen against a colorless backdrop. Because of its opalescent glow, Hindus once believed moonstone to be a solidified moonbeam.

moonstone rings

Life repeats itself, like a bunch of cycles in motion. And no one gets this circular business as much as women do. We know cycles are constant, that change is the only constant in life. We surrender to it. We gain power through it. 

Just like the moon’s presence encourages the ocean to create waves, moonstone stirs the blood and wakes up every cell in your body. It’s like a spiritual massage. Moonstone realigns your energy with such precision and care for your ultimate self to come to life. It stands for new beginnings and natural cycles. When it’s time for rebirth, use moonstone to guide you down the hall of courage. 

Moonstone keeps your natural rhythm vibing and your heart in sync. It empowers you to stop making the same mistakes.

It’s a powerful stone for reflection and seeing ourselves in a different light - our moon side. 


moonstone jewelry

Birthstone for: June

Moonstone zodiac sign: Cancer (22 June-22 July)

Moonstone chakra:

  • The second chakra - the Sacral or Swadhisthana chakra. 

    Located below the navel, this is the Ultimate godly connection between the ethereal and the reality. The center of passion, pleasure and pain (the monthly and the brutalkind of pain). A balanced sacral chakra keeps you happy with the bodily agony and helps you make friends with it for life. But once you make friends with it, you’ll be at peace for life. 

  • The sixth chakra - the Third Eye chakra or the Ajna chakra.

    This is the seat of your intuition, where your intuition and imagination begins. It’s connected to the famed pineal gland, which is said to regulate your dreams and the subconscious. A well balanced third eye helps you gain wisdom and be more perceptive in seeing opportunities coming your way.

How moonstone fits into your life: 

  • June artists.

  • Your spouse in your third year of togetherness, or your 85th.

  • Your kundalini yoga teacher.

  • Newlyweds as a wedding gift.


  • Travel

  • Self love

  • Magic

  • Carnal desire

  • Natural rhythms

  • Fertility

  • Hope

  • Protection

Use for:

  • Keeping in the glove compartment while road tripping cross country to Joshua Tree.

  • Insomnia.

  • Decorating your shrine to Marvin Gaye.

  • New relationships and accepting the love you know you deserve.

  • Cooling down your head after a lover’s quarrel and before saying sorry.

  • Getting knocked up.

moonstone's ORIGIN

moonstone origin map

Our moonstones are responsibly sourced from:



moonstone rings

Tough Love level: 

6-6.5 Mohs scale of hardness with poor toughness. Moonstone lands on the softer side of the scale. It also tends to have poor toughness. If you’re planning to wear moonstone as an everyday piece for years to come, consider earrings, because these are less likely to get knocked or bumped than a ring. If you’re set on a ring, opt for a bezel setting. Find out more about hardness vs toughness here.

Common treatments: 

Some moonstones may be oiled. Find more about common gemstone treatments here. 

Cleaning, care, and cauton: 

Don’t use ultrasonic or steam cleaners. For natural wash, use our lerak soap nut.


different colors of moonstone

Even though darker varieties are what we commonly see, moonstones come in many colors; each infused with their own unique kind of magic. White moonstone carries the power of the new moon, driving away nightmares and amplifying inner vision. Peach and yellow moonstone supports the heart and stimulates the mind, bringing out the best in people. Rainbow moonstone is emotional armor, deflecting negativity and clearing the senses. 

  • Blue moonstone has - almost literally - a blue light radiating from underneath the surface. The more intense the blue, the more desirable it is. 

  • Rainbow moonstone has milky patches with slight blue undertones. When the stone catches light, it reflects off the layers and inclusions. Tadaa! The rainbow effect. 

  • Orthoclase moonstone is the colorless to pale yellow variety, with a blue or white sheen. Its namesake is that of adularia, following its origin, the Mount Adular in Switzerland. 

  • Pink moonstone ranges  from clear to opaque and often found with blue sheen underneath

  • Green moonstone is the least popular variety. It’s rich milky green and often comes with white stripes.