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December Birthstone: Tanzanite

Tanzanite personality traits


Breathe in her healing energy.

Exhale and let go.

She helps you leave those bad habits behind and shines a light on your inner purpose.

She keeps your balance in check.

Her gaze is sincere, she’s rock steady and in full harmony.

She's aligned.

tanzanite stones

This is it.

A gemstone more rare than diamonds.

A gemstone which might vanish in the next few decades.

A gemstone which exists only in one place on Earth: Tanzanite.

tanzanite rings in silver

Tanzanite is such a babe.

Her colors yield questions more than answers. Just look at it: a stone drenched in the most otherworldly, glorious indigo color, as if she’s the saint of the universe. 

Its high vibrational energy ushers in protection and safety while traveling to higher realms, and it encourages deep meditation that bridges the heart with the mind.

It’s great for all you psychics out there, but for those of us that hang out here in middle earth with the masses, tanzanite is especially useful in the workplace, as it facilitates the flow of communication and makes you have a way with words. (Get it, girl.)


Namesake: named after Tanzania, its motherland

Trying to break the glass ceiling?

Need some boost to go against the masses and be strong in solitude?

Thinking of creative ways for digital detox?

Hold tanzanite to awaken buried energies and to feel fluid amidst chaos. Tanzanite swells from the past and tells you it’s never too late to be your own Queen of hearts.

tanzanite jewelry

Be still my beating heart, it’s Tanzanite’s time to shine.

The rich blue glow of December’s birthstone radiates alongside the goodness of emotions - compassion, empathy, softness and sympathy. Tanzanite is a stone that lives off of the heart. It gets its energy from the heart, and it gives energy right back.

This birthstone is one of the strongest metaphysical crystals, and it’ll help balance out the tough in that love. Look - can you feel the magic?


tanzanite rings in silver

Birthstone for:December

Tanzanite zodiac sign: Sagittarius (23 November - 21 December)

Tanzanite Chakra:

  • The fourth chakra - the Heart or Anahata chakra

    Located at the center of the spine at heart level. This chakra is the centre for your center of compassion, empathy, love, and forgiveness. Allowing you to focus on healing emotional wounds.

  • The seventh chakra - the Crown or the Sahasrara chakra

    Located at the crown of your head. The chakra which connects you to the wider universe. Associated with the center of spirit, enlightenment, and wisdom. Connecting you to the universe and opening you up to higher guidance.

How tanzanite fits into your life: 

  • A gift to your partner of 24 years

  • Your local psychic or your local non-profit volunteer (they can be one and the same)

  • Your mama

  • Those who are lucky (or unlucky) enough to share their birthday with Christmas


  • High energy

  • Clairvoyance

  • Transformation

  • Protection

  • Empathy

  • Intuition

  • Self-awakening

  • Communication

  • Healing

  • Courage

Use for:

  • Your quest for the meaning of life

  • Getting the courage and clarity for a career change

  • Overcoming fear and crises, and re-building trust

  • Speaking your heart’s truth

  • Naturally slipping into altered states, whether therapeutic or recreational

  • Finding a solution when you think there is definitely no way out (there’s always a way out, btw)

  • Negotiations, in business or life

  • A lucky charm at AA or NA meetings

  •  Time travel


Between the foothills of the gracious Mt Kilimanjaro and the small town of Arusha lies a small patch where local miners unearth precious tanzanite.

This gemstone was discovered in the late 1960s, only a few years after Breakfast at Tiffany’s was released. Which means that unlike other gemstones, tanzanite is a very new gemstone.

Nested underneath the warmth of Mt. Kilimanjaro, tanzanite fosters the strength of the earth’s movements to build its form.

A strong gal with unbeatable eccentric force, you won’t find her anywhere else on Earth in millions of years.

tanzanite origin map

Our tanzanites are ethically sourced from:



tanzanite silver ring

Check out our tanzanite collection, and let us know which pieces you would mix and match to make your very own tanzanite jewelry set!  

Tough love level: 

6.5-7 Mohs scale of hardness with ‘poor to fair’ toughness. Tanzanite is a soft and brittle gemstone; not the perfect gemstone to wear everyday. Tanzanite is still a charming piece for dinner parties, especially as earrings or necklace, where it has less chances to get chipped.

Common treatments: 

Heat treatments. Tanzanite is usually heat-treated to achieve its indigo color.

Cleaning, care, and caution: 

Avoid sudden temperature change, steam cleaners, and harsh abrasives. Use warm, soapy water, preferably made from natural ingredients, like our lerak jewelry wash to wash your tanzanite. 


Tanzanite colors
  • Lavender blue tanzanite

    Virtually all tanzanite on the market today is heated. The gemstones are placed in an oven and baked at a certain temperature. Heating tends to remove the yellow tint and enhance the blue colors. When a light brown tanzanite is heated, it will become a pale blue or violet; and when a deep brown tanzanite is heated, it will become deep blue.

  • Red and brown tanzanite

    Raw tanzanite’s colors can be red to brown. Even though these tanzanites are usually heat-treated, occasionally, when a stunning ‘tan’ color comes by, they can be sold in their natural ‘tan’ color.

  • Violet blue tanzanite

    Natural violet blue tanzanites are rare, but they do exist. Considered precious for their rarity, unheated violet blue tanzanites look like the perfect crossbreed between a sapphire and an amethyst.


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