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Tanzanite Earrings

Your dreams crumble apart and reform in ways you never thought it would. The future was suddenly the big, scary monster that you ran away from so many years ago. But she laughs and tells you, "tomorrow is just another day." So, you breathe in her wisdom, and relax as her words echo in your lungs.


  • Sterling Silver
  • Tanzanite
  • December birthstone
  • Ready stock 

A refreshing blue tints this tanzanite that dreams of babbling brooks. Breathe in positivity and radiate joy with this sterling silver earring that will remind you to pause and appreciate moments.

Sold as a single or as a pair. Your earrings will be similar to the pictures. 

Wear it with tanzanite ring and tanzanite necklace. 


Single or Pair?

Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Very happy

I bought the rose cut citrine earrings as a gift for my better half and she is very happy with them - she wears them a lot so that's a good sign! Quality jewellery that was very thoughtfully packaged and wrapped for long distance posting. Shipping was also much faster than anticipated.
I have also recently bought a custom engagement ring from GOTS, which is finished to a high standard and looks exactly how I hoped -- fingers crossed she loves it as much as the earrings! The staff were very accommodating and kept me updated via email of the product progress. Not to mention the fact that trees get planted on the back of each purchase - another huge ethical plus point.
Initially I was nervous about ordering jewellery online, but given my recent experiences I would highly recommend the GOTS team for both their quality merchandise and excellent customer service.


Very sparkly

Would recommend to anyone!

The packaging was absolutely breathtaking. The ring itself fits perfectly and is exactly what I had hoped for. The ring is very durable and has held up very well. Shipping was much quicker than expected, especially being shipped over a holiday in Canada.

My favorite present!!

My boyfriend got me the ring as a birthday present, but ended up giving it to me early. I am so in love with it! It is dainty and beautiful. It came a little larger than he ordered, but with a quick resize it is now perfect ❤️ The only jewelry place we will buy from.