May Birthstone - Emerald

May 04, 2020

Just like Mother Nature’s succulence, Emerald is a powerful stone that’s overflowing with richness. A cornucopia of sorts. It provides mental calm and emotional equilibrium. It’s the proverbial chill pill, and it’s also sexy as hell. Pantone named ‘Emerald’ as 2013’s Color of the Year, and it also resonates with Pantone’s 2017 choice: ‘Greenery’. 

If only the emerald could talk – it has a long, rich history; from its days merrymaking in the markets of Babylon to being a worshipped vessel of goddesses by the Incas, then making cameos in Egypt, Greece, India… the list goes on. The emerald is a connoisseur of culture, a most wanted superstar.

These days, the emerald is still a go-to support stone. They say holding one in your hand for five minutes a day helps mental acuity; carrying an emerald out of sight, near your heart attracts romance; and whispering words of love into an emerald then sealing it in an envelope to send to a long-lost love will rekindle the fire. Zing!


  • Abundance and growth 
  • Wisdom and focus
  • Consciousness 
  • Confidence and self-esteem 
  • Equilibrium 

Give to:

  • Darlings born in May
  • Spring flings and Cancerians
  • Your spouse on your 55th anniversary.  

Tough love level: 

7.5 – 8 Mohs

Use for:

  • Decorating your work space, office or studio
  • When you're feeling fat, like, the bad kind of fat, not the sexy of fat 
  • Winning a court case
  • Sending love vibes to the one that got away 
  • When you're feeling claustrophobic (literally or figuratively)

My fave emerald pieces:

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