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We love what we do

As a small business and a small team, we're intimately involved with the life of every piece. From the raw materials to creating it, to getting it on your finger - we're obsessed with exceeding expectations with each one. We want you to feel how much you matter to us, and give you the best experience possible. It’s YOU who helps us make a meaningful change in this world after all!

Meri Geraldine

Founder and Chief Creative 

Meri is the founder and creative force behind Gardens of the Sun. She has a big vision for the impact our jewelry will have on the world. She’s on a mission to meet every single person in our supply chain, so we create jewelry that makes you feel better than before and that supports everyone involved in making it.


Annisa Dharma

Co-founder and Brand Strategist 

Annisa turns our jewelry into poetry. With her words, she gives them wings. Annisa is the co-founder, making Gardens of the Sun a true women-owned enterprise. She’s a feminist and a true global citizen: born in Indonesia, raised in Canada, married to an Australian and now living in Bali.

Ferris Stephany

Chief of Operations 

Ferris is the Chief of Getting Things Done. She's here not only to help you find that special piece, but works her tail off to go above and beyond to make you happy. She's got your back (and mine, when she tells me again to slow the F down and just focus on one thing first instead of a 1000)! 

Cecilia Evita

Sustainability and Sourcing Specialist

Evi is on fire to make sure that Gardens of the Sun becomes increasingly ethical and responsible in its sourcing and operations. She improves transparency in our supply chains, implements our sourcing policy and helps communicate this to everyone who needs to know.

Martina Andermatt

Quality Control and Systems Manager

Martina is actually a doctor's assistant, rolled into Gardens of the Sun with Pinterest ninja skills and turned out to be a rockstar in smoothing our daily operations. She sets up the systems and directives necessary for ADD visionaries to be creative without letting everything else slip through the cracks. 

Yudi Tirtayanti

Administrative Assistant 

Yudi helps take care of all those things that creative minds tend to forget. From making sure all our employees have health insurance, to financial administration to get every single one of your orders in our signature jewelry box. 

Latifah Hanum

Visual Branding Officer

Those drool-worthy photos on our website? The fun birthstone stories on our Instagram? The little photo albums we secretly put into your custom ring package? That’s all Hanum’s talent at work. She’s our in-house graphic designer and photographer. 

Ida Bagus Dodik Saputra

Junior Photographer and Videographer 

Dodik is responsible for the visual database of all our diamonds and gemstones. He’s a pro at taking videos of slow dancing salt and pepper stones, colorful sapphires and lightning opals.

Arya Wirendra

PR and Marketing Assistant

A fresh grad from Sorbonne in Paris, Arya is our most fashion-savvy team member. He’s most excited about growing our presence on Youtube. You should really join our newsletter and see all the fun things he’s doing there! 

Fira Kusumaningrum

PR and Marketing Assistant

Fira helps you find us all over the Internet. She’s our pro Tumblr blogger, and supports our social media marketing. She’s your point of contact for returns and exchanges. She wants to give you 120% loyalty and service and then some!

Sogi Kesampurnan

Shipping Assistant

Sogi gift wraps every single order you place with his loving hands and attention to detail. He ensures all packages are shipped out timely. We recently discovered he’s got epic jewelry design skills, so who knows what’s next?

Dod Cahendra

Visual Branding Strategist

Dod is a senior photographer, videographer and graphic designer. He documents our partnerships and milestones in artful documentary style videos.

Fajar Afrianto

Master Goldsmith
Afrianto has been working with Meri from the very start, turning her designs into instant heirlooms. His family has been working as silversmiths for four generations in the city of Yogyakarta, and is proud to continue his heritage. With Meri's support, he has set up his own workshop in 2016.


A safekeeper of a time-honoured smithing tradition and precious know-how. He proudly continues the old fashioned way of metalmithing and forging metals, with his own two hands.


Born and raised in Kota Gede, a maze of narrow streets, lined with mosaic-tiled houses and family-run silver workshops. Suyatman uses traditional goldsmithing skills to transform a piece o  gold into a work of art, much the same way as it was millennia ago.

Joko Susanto

Silversmith in training under the wings of our master goldsmith.


Gardens of the Sun is a fast-growing online retailer of ethical jewelry. We're always looking for young talent to join our team in Bali, Indonesia. 

We're particularly looking for Indonesian nationals with excellent English skills. 


  • You’ll be working from a lush and green Bali studio
  • Be part of dynamic, young and diverse team in a flexible and open-minded multicultural setting
  • Freedom to be creative and contribute ideas
  • A supportive environment that encourages personal and professional growth
  • No dress code
  • Possibility to work part-time
  • Competitive salary
  • 20 days of annual leave, on top of national holidays
  • Weekly vegetarian office lunches and yoga class, daily fresh fruits and coconut water
  • Ample opportunities to grow and learn
  • We’re working towards B Corp certification, which means lots of perks and benefits for our employees