HR assistant

Are you a people-person with a knack for creating a positive work culture where employees are happy and productive? Are you someone who can effortlessly juggle a variety of tasks while always keeping your finger on the pulse of employee happiness.

We're on the hunt for an HR Assistant to be a vital part of the Gardens of the Sun team. 

A certified B Corp, Gardens of the Sun strives for an engaging, employee-friendly alternative to “business as usual”, one that values the people who power our operations. 

That’s where you come in. You're all about creating an energized and happy team, and you understand that when employees love their jobs, great things happen. Your ultimate goal? To spur on the growth of every team member. Because after all, we believe when people love their jobs, amazing things happen, and a business can only grow as much as the people in it. 

You'll be responsible for a range of HR duties, from employee relations and talent management to recruitment and performance reviews. You'll also take care of important administrative tasks like creating salary slips, maintaining employee records, and ensuring legal compliance throughout human resource management.

Your dedication to the employee experience and your excellent communication skills will help you to shape a work environment that really reflects our brand values.

Expected start date: September 2023 or earlier


  • Building relationships with employees to make sure they understand what the brand stands for and how it operates.

  • Encouraging employees to continue training and volunteer for growth.

  • Maintain a positive working environment, so everyone feels valued, included and engaged and supporting employee happiness and (mental) wellbeing.

  • Assisting with the recruitment process and maintaining employee records.

  • Managing orientation and onboarding, as well as completing termination paperwork and exit interviews.

  • Running regular satisfaction surveys and performance reviews.

  • Drafting a solid benefit package and growth trajectory for purpose-driven employees.

  • Helping develop and implement HR strategies and initiatives in line with business values.

  • Draft clear, precise contracts and policy documents.

  • Handle administrative duties, such as creating salary slips and managing employees' absence reporting via GreatDay HR application and dealing with general affairs including work permits, visa applications, and extensions.

  • Conduct regular HR audits and ensure legal compliance throughout HR management.

We want everyone in our business to grow and use their talents, so there may be additional tasks based on your interests and the company needs.

This describes you so well, it's almost scary

  • You’re a natural team player, able to communicate smoothly in Bahasa Indonesia and English. Your awesome communication skills make you accessible and approachable, helping to prevent conflicts in the workplace.

  • You're a great listener who's able to see the good in anyone and can empathize with others, treating everyone with discretion and sensitivity.

  • You get the details right — you don’t half-ass anything or let little things slip through the cracks

  • You thrive on helping others reach their potential and feel energized when you can uplift others.

  • You’re a problem-solver and a self-starter with a get-it-done attitude, ready to bring lofty ideals into practice.

  • You thrive in the rush of a startup and aren't shy about learning something new, everyday.

  • You hold at least a bachelor’s degree in human resource management.


  • Have personal drama

  • See this as a side job to your main hustle, have limited availability or something else that demands most of your time

  • Have difficulty having serious conversations.

  • Can’t think out of the box and prefer to follow a traditional path and hierarchy

  • Think HR is just hiring and firing

  • Aren’t looking for a long-term position


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