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Gardens of the Sun Illustration Contest

I recently hosted an illustration contest on Instagram, where I asked all Gardens of the Sun fans to post an original drawing or mixed media art with their favorite jewel somewhere in it. 

I was absolutely amazed at all the wonderful entries, and had a hard time selecting a winner. There are so many absolutely amazing pieces of art and you can tell that they've been made with heart and so much passion. 

The first entry was by Sarah from @skdraws. I love the colors and the open heartedness of this one. And then the sparkling details. Can you spot the kyanite necklace, baguette blue topaz ring in oxidised silver and the pear cut diamond ring?  

Thought this belonged on my art account as well ?? my entry for a @gardensofthesun giveaway ☺️☺️

A photo posted by S A R A H K E A T I N G (@skdraws) on


The second entry is by @__lingling__ from Dublin, featuring my sapphire eternity threaded earrings being stolen by a feathery thief! The earrings feature three sapphires to celebrate your past, your present and your future.I love how she incorporated "Gardens of the Sun" in her theme.  

@gardensofthesun #gardensofthesunillustrated #jewelrygiveaway #entry #magpies #birds #watercolour #art #painting

A photo posted by __lingling__ (@__lingling__) on


This drawing by Colleen from @cfkdesigns put a big wide smile on my face and kept me grinning for the rest of the day. The vibrant colors of my rose cut sapphire necklace, spinel earrings, mismatched Unicorn earrings and Unicorn cluster ring work so well with the young lotus flower. I have two pots with lotus flowers blooming my garden and I really appreciate how much thought she put into this work of art. 

#gardensofthesunillustrated #jewelrygiveaway

A photo posted by CfKdesigns (@cfkdesigns) on


Colleen actually posted 5 watercolor entries. This is another one of my favourites. I spot Larimar earrings, spinel earrings, apatite earrings, sapphire crystal, landscape quartz ring, custom iolite ring, rough tanzanite ring, rose cut garnet ring and so many more. And of course I love it that she painted these in a Stand Up Paddle (SUP) board design. I have so much gratitude for your thoughtfulness Colleen!


Artist Lia Eunike @liaeunike.s from Indonesia posted two entries. I love the wind in the hair, that free spirited feeling of enjoying the small blessings nature brings us if we just stand still and allow ourselves to feel it. Wearing the tourmaline statement necklace and dangling lapis lazuli post earrings with flecks of golden pyrite. 


Lia's other entry is of the blue topaz cluster ring that was the first cluster ring I ever made and led me to start the Unicorn collection


And then there's this dreamy one by Natalia @ntlmd featuring dangling opal earrings. Her work has something so raw and intimate, yet delicate.



San Fransisco based artist Marisa Suchanya from @lisabanana posted two magical artworks. I can't help swooning over this one. 


She understands the fierce freedom fighters, the strong independent women with their own sense of style and the quiet happiness seekers I create my jewels for. Sometimes I feel like my pieces allow me to connect to complete strangers on a deeper level. It's like an understanding beyond words. Her second entry is this dreamy sketch below. 


Kate @katec25 created multiple kaleidoscope pieces. This one is my favourite. It features a white topaz and moonstone cluster ring from the Unicorn collection. I sent this very ring to Leighton Meester, known for her role as Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl. It's one of the most popular cluster rings I've made, and requests for custom orders of similar rings keep trickling in. 


Lela from @ledala_designs is a fellow jewelry maker. I love how she captured the colors of this ring in her sketch. 


Katie from @magicarpkai drew this amazing piece featuring my butterfly statement necklace. Filled with sunflowers, this fills me with happiness. And how did you know that I own a sunhat exactly like the one?! You can find some more of her artwork for sale here

And then I saw this one by @charlottesegaller. Wow. She's taken my Larimar cocktail ring and taken it's message and healing energy (to be gentle with yourself, dissolve patterns of self sabotage and allow unconditional love) and turned it into this powerful piece. The feelings this piece evokes.... 


By Jess @splatasketch made this amazing cat sketch, wearing red garnet choker necklace and Montana sapphire and diamond ring. Love the splashes of color and this one is the most adorable model I've ever had! 



This watermelon tourmaline slice necklace by Alex @alexxisrael sold a while back. She captured all the colors so well. The balance of colors helps to balance the male and female energies within yourself. The green feeds you with a lively and fresh energy, whilst the pink soothes and harmonizes. It also is believed to calm nerves, lead your intuition to new insights and find the right path in your life. I have a few more watermelon tourmaline slices available for bespoke jewels



 And how about this one by @_elokin_lunapearl



This tiara by @terry_heat made me laugh - no words needed! Thank you Terry for giving me a good time!


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