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Custom jewelry has always been a big part of Gardens of the Sun. Not just for our custom wedding and engagement rings, but heartfelt requests and love-filled memories that people want translated into something they can see and touch every day. Jewelry is funny like that. Beyond the precious gems and metals that go into a piece of jewelry, we also attach memories and meaning to it.

Whether it’s something we purchase for ourselves or for a loved one, to celebrate or to commemorate, to remember or to forget. There’s a weight to a carefully chosen piece of jewelry.

The original ring that Valdya sent.

Valdya got in touch with me when she was faced with a ring that meant the world to her but was falling apart. ”My dad passed away a few years ago after battling cancer. During one moment in time when we thought he was getting better, I asked him if he would make me a ring.” She told me. “He was a big precious gemstone hobbyist, and he had a lot of stones in his collection. So when he said yes, I was just super happy.”

She chose a style that replicated Kate and William’s engagement ring. “That ring was super popular, and when my dad gave his version of the ring to me, I just thought it was the most perfect ring ever!” 

At the time, the ring was a little too big for Valdya but it rarely left her fingers. She took care to wear it especially around her dad, making sure he understood how much she loved his gift.

Unfortunately he passed away not long after, and the ring became a physical representation of his continued presence in her life. “I moved half a world away, and still the ring came with me. Even though at the time I couldn’t even wear it. But it was something that I could have a physical connection with. Something I could see and touch.” She had tried to resize the ring at a local jeweler, but the ring was still too large and the repairs looked careless. 

Once she got in contact with me, she found out that sapphires were a September birthstone - her dad’s birthday month. “I always felt like I was carrying a part of him whenever I wore the ring, and finding out that sapphire was his birthstone just cemented the idea.”  

We framed the sapphire with a minimal setting that made the stone the star of the show.

Her old ring came with smaller stones crowding it like a halo, and some smaller ones set in the band of the ring. I offered to make a nesting ring out of the leftover stones, but she ended up having a better idea. 

The sapphire Valdya got from her dad is a gorgeous specimen that is light and bright in color, almost like a topaz. 

The beautiful multi stone nesting band that Valdya commisioned.

“I decided on a whim to order a custom nesting band of birthstones, one that would represent me, my two sisters, and my mum. It feels like I have my whole family with me!” This was especially important to her, as she currently lives in the United States, half a world away from her family.

The Custom Birthstone Ring Valdya used as a nesting band consisted of peridots for her birthday and her mum’s birthday, an emerald for her sister, and a citrine for her youngest sister. Since we already had her original ring for this makeover, and made the birthstone ring especially for her, it was easy to curve it so it would fit her father’s ring. 

Requests like the ones that I got from Valdya is one of the reasons why we’ve started offering more custom jewelry pieces. Both in gold and silver; which range from rings, to custom charm necklaces and bracelets. It’s why we offer custom birthstone rings with single, double, triple or even four birthstones. It’s also why we’re always listening to your suggestions and expanding our offerings to meet what you have in mind.

I want to hear your stories as much as I want to tell my own.

When you think of Gardens of the Sun, I don’t want you to just think of jewelry. I want you to think of us as your partner in signifying your stories. I’m a big believer that jewelry should be fun, but I also absolutely believe that it should make you feel good.

We are after all, on a journey beyond jewelry.