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If you've ever watched that reality show Hoarders, you'll understand the horror of having too much. These days, less is definitely more. 

Our homes are getting more compact, our days are getting fuller, our time is getting busier – a whole drawer filled with a tangle of accessories to decide on as you're getting ready every morning? Uh-uh, ain't got time for that! 

The key to trimming down is to let go of things you don't actually need. 

Let's start with your jewelry.

Here are some tips to help you curate a timeless jewelry box that'd make Marie Kondo proud. 

Know your personal style, see your personal style, choose your personal style

Letting go means you need to actually know what you need to let go of. Lay out all of your accessories and jewelry together. And we mean all of it.

Face all of the tacky impulse buys you've made, the sentimental gift shop purchases, the matching mood rings from the amusement park six summers ago, the huge resin ring from that market in Barcelona – face all of it with your game face on. Now, it's time to get picky. 

Sort everything into three piles: 

Love: I absolutely love this. No doubts about it. 

Maybe: I want to keep this but I don’t know why. Store this pile somewhere hidden and keep it there for a few weeks Or months. If at the end of a set period you haven't gone to get anything out of this pile, you probably never needed it in the first place.

WTF was I thinking?This thing doesn't suit me, my life, my style. Time for a garage sale, swap, or Salvation Army run.

While you're sorting your jewelry, don't be too hard on yourself! Don't stress out, sorting your things can still be fun.

Don't overthink, just go with your gut and first reaction. Once you've finished with The Cull, you'll have a collection of things you genuinely care about from the bottom of your heart. It's much easier to take care of things you love.

We know that was hard – great job! Luckily you'll never have to do that again.

the rule of three

Now that you have a collection of items you absolutely love, it's time to fill in the gaps and get the missing pieces. 

This may seem counter-intuitive to start shopping right after a big cull, but we're talking about a long-term investment here. 

This is THE capsule collection of your life.

Everyday silver emerald ring

For each item category (ring, necklace, etc), go with the rule of three:

  • One casual

  • One statement

  • One in-between 

For example - earrings. Your three could be a pair of small, simple studs (we love the sweet shade on this Rose Cut Quartz Earrings), a pair of larger or more colorful studs (let us pick you a few from the Soul-Searchers collection), and a pair of dangling earrings or big hoops for the statement piece.

For rings, that could be a stack of birthstone rings (we love theHidden Gems rings to stack and mix), a few smaller rings in your favorite colors to spice up your capsule wardrobe, and a large cocktail ring ordiamond slice ring that'd make your outfit pop.

Think long-term

Save up for items that might be on the pricey side, but will stand up to wear and tear in the long run. 

It might seem like a lot of money to begin with, but over time, you usually save money by not having to replace things all the time.

It also helps to slow down your purchasing cycle — which makes you a more sustainable and responsible consumer.

Think of it as an art collection. Just like an art collection, you'd want to buy something that was created with consideration.

Think about classic pieces that stay sharp no matter the season. 

Something that'll work on those days when you hate everything you own – what'll take an "old" outfit to the next level?

Also, the amount of care that goes into creating high-quality jewelry is obvious in the attention to detail. You can tell the difference between a mass produced cubic zirconia ring bought at a chain retailer and one you get from your favorite designer.

Each item in your box should last you for years (not months), and make you feel just as good in five years time as it did the first time you unboxed the jewel.

To keep your jewels shiny, invest in a jewelry cleaning kit and take good care of them. Oh, and that's another thing. If it didn't come in a box (it doesn't even have to be a fancy one), it's probably not a keeper.

style, not trends

Big fast fashion chains churn out new trends by the week. They have incredibly short inventory cycles, but it makes sense because their items weren't made to last in the first place. Always following the new trend will have your energy (and your credit card) all maxxed out. 

Instead, tune in to your style. If your selections can be made independently of what you see in the window displays, you’ll make choices that really suit you and serve you. For a long time.

Everything working together

Custom garnet ring in eco gold

Sometimes an impulse buy can feel really, really good. If that's what you need today, go for it. You got this. But for when you're on your A-game, ask these questions before whipping out your credit card:

  • Will this piece work with others I have in the box?

  • What else can I wear it with that I already own? (Be very specific here.)

  • Can I wear it everywhere, almost every single day?

  • Is it comfortable to wear?

  • Does it align with your vision for how your style will continue to develop? 

  • Is it versatile enough?

A capsule collection is all you need to look good and feel good in the bling department. 

Psst. This Custom Garnet Ring in Gold can tick off all the boxes and make you feel great, as it's available in our ethical Borneo gold!

We've compiled a range that you've helped select – we called it the Capsule collection. We know, super original right? But that's the thing though, an item in your capsule collection doesn't have to be extraordinary or unique, it just has to make you happy for years to come, and look good in the process. :-)