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Were you at our ear party? 

Listen up, your ears need some lovin’ too. If you’re ear-deep into this scene, you’ll understand how earrings can transform the face. Literally - a splash of gold can amplify your facial glow by a ton. 

Now just imagine the power of a custom earring! Think of how you can play on all of the gemstones axes. Maximizing their curves (curved stack!), setting one on top of another (tower stack!) or creating a more reformed dimension (pyramids!). 

As you go, you’ll slowly unravel the mysterious nuance of the gemstones too. These geometrical shapes pack a punch of meanings, which makes customizing just the more exciting! 

So how do we maximize these shapes to tell a story? Here’s how to build earrings which can get people talking (and truly listening). 


As a kid, did you draw a house by first drawing a square? It felt undeniably natural to begin with a square and here’s why: square signifies balance and a strong foundation. It’s a home, a place of comfort, a refuge. The Hindus believe it’s a cosmic order and the balance of opposites, the Native American see it as a safe place, the Chinese use it to symbolize earth. Thriving cities abound with squares as a gathering space. A square is a symbol for a place to share, to commune and to unite. 

A square cut may also be called a princess cut. It’s teeming with a modern glow and fits right at home with a modern-chic princess. 

Use for:

An everyday earring to get you up to speed and let your curiosity roam free, without forgetting to stay grounded. 


  • Start with a square. It’s a piece that makes a good foundation for any earring set you’re going to build!

  • Turn it 45 degrees to create a kite shape


A classic symbol for wholeness, infinity and perfection. Circles signify the perpetual motions of life, how everything is in a constant cycle and how obscure the concept of beginning and end can be. The Buddhists use it to sign enlightenment and perfection, the Chinese use it to symbolize the heavens, and the Greeks use it to sign birth and regeneration. It’s a solid symbol to keep us humble, yet whole. To sustain us through the ups and downs of life. 

Use for:

Whenever you’re feeling insecure or incomplete. Use it to round up your look and to feel your best with little effort.   


  • Pair it with a pear shaped gemstone for a dangling leaf look (or water droplet or whatever your imagination tells you!) 


Pears are everything feminine. Its soft curvature brings balance to the face and its gentle reflection adds a soft glow. Though it’s not a traditional geometrical shape, it’s just as potent. The pear is a symbol of fertility and abundance. Because pear trees grow so old, some cultures believe it to be immortal. It’s also a reminder of the sacred relationship between mother and child - a symbol of comfort, affection and health.  

Use for:

A sensual piece for the sight and the touch, use it whenever you’re feeling empowered by your own womanhood. 


  • Play around! Make a flower or a garden with this shape.  


A marquise is an eye. It contains both secrets and truths. The most symbolic organs in the body, eyes have been used to symbolize trust, morality and intelligence. Maybe that’s why there’s something so intriguingly familiar yet enigmatic about this shape. It’s a seeker of truth and a guardian of hearts. A marquise shaped gemstone is sharp, smart and a helper to let us see inward.

Use for:

Whenever you need a creative mood booster or reminder of your strength.


  • A versatile yet eye-catching piece! Pair it with other edgy shapes, like a triangle or a hexagon, to create an offbeat look that fits right with you.  


Probably the most esoteric symbol out there! Historically, triangles are rich with spiritual meanings. It’s an ascension, a way up above towards the north star: beyond death, beyond life, beyond the earthly realms. We take comfort in the number and cycles of threes. Think body, mind, spirit; or father, mother, child; or past, present, future. There’s just something about it that feels whole, like a story with a beginning, middle and an end. In short, a triangle is a powerful meditative symbol to bring you into a spiritual awakening, then a renewal. 

Use for:

To build your own totem!  


  • Pair it with a more rounded shape to give it some softness. 


Hexagon is one of the secrets of the bees. With this geometric shape, bees can use less material to build their homes while ensuring its strength. It’s an effective shape to hold honey under great pressure. That’s why you’ll find hexagons everywhere in nature, from the homes of the bees, to the eyes of insects, to the shapes of snowflakes, to the building blocks of your DNA. Hexagon is simply powerful. 

Use for:

When you’re feeling playful and wanting to try something new. 


  • Use it as a base for your dangle earrings. It makes an eyecatching ‘home’ for whatever shapes you choose to swing under.  

Now that you’ve learned about shapes and their meanings,

it’s time to build your custom earrings! 

Tower Stack

Make a powerful tower stack with two or more geometrical shapes. I often imagine it like creating an amulet, a talisman or a totem. Something which belongs only to you, your own secret code to unlock that inner goddess super power! 

Curved Stack 

These sets remind me of interplanetary revolutions. Multiple forces adjoin each other to create and sustain a balance, like a cosmic dance. The setting is slightly off-center and follows the natural shape of the ear. It climbs up the ear and lets your ears flash and dance and have its own moment. 


Build a fortress, a home or a teepee tent for a memorable and playful sanctuary. This pyramid stack reminds me of my childhood bedtime stories, immersed in fairytales and folklores, as we ascend into the dreams or our higher reality. It’s yummy goodness up there. 

Need more inspiration to design your jewelry?