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This is the third part of the Custom Jewelry Made Easy series. In part 1 you got to experiment with colors and in part 2 you learned how to design with elements

This time, we’re getting personal. It requires you to look within yourself and ask, “what really matters to me? What do I want to focus on now?”

We spend our days giving. Our time to work, our heart to loved ones and our seat on a bus to an elderly man, after an 8 hour shift standing. 

But we also need to give something to ourselves. A chance to be creative. Some time to be alone. A moment to grow. A second to figure out what we want in our lives. 

Sometimes you need a little nudge. A reminder to keep yourself focused on what it is you want from life. That’s where Shop by Intentions comes in. Jewelry turned into physical manifestations of the hopes and dreams you’ve been nurturing. 

Whether you believe in the healing powers of gemstones or not, they can be helpful for you to take a little time for yourself and breathe. Can crystals and stones really help your anxiety? It's likely the placebo effect, but as a visual reminder of the intentions you’ve set it works.


Head over to our Intentions page to find the perfect jewelry to find your intentions. 

Or click the photos directly to head on over to the intention calling your name.


Set your intention 

Choose the one thing you want or need for yourself right now. Maybe it’s an area of your life you want to improve, maybe it’s a dream you want to achieve. 


Find the gems that match your intentions

When you’ve set your intention, connect with its corresponding gemstone, and with the specific energy your new-found bestie garners. 


Cleanse your gemstones

Cleansing your stone is a meditative act that helps set the mood. It helps kickstart the moment in your heart and in your mind. It also helps to make sure the gemstone is at its finest to give and receive the energy. 

The simplest way to do so (without damaging the jewelry you’ve chosen) is by doing breathwork. Hold the stone in your dominant hand, close your eyes and focus on your intention.

Inhale deeply and bring the gemstone closer to your face, and exhale. Your conscious breath to the stone gives the strongest vibration.

Taking the time to clean your jewelry can be a relaxing ritual, why not make a day out of it?

Don't forget to clean your jewelry too. Make sure you don’t use harsh chemicals to clean it. You only need warm water, mild soap, and a soft brush. 

(Psst, we’ve put together a luxury eco friendly jewelry cleaning kit for you!)

When you care for your gemstones, you also care for yourself. Your intentions and the stone’s energy will flow harmoniously.


Create your own ritual

Use rituals to be reminded of your intentions. It’ll help you actively acknowledge your intention and give you a reminder to pursue it in other areas of your life too. You can make a ritual you feel is most effective and meaningful for you.

Meditation helps you clear your mind, and incorporating a gemstone ritual while you’re meditating can be extra calming. You can hold your stone or jewelry in your hands while you meditate or just put them near you. Allow the gemstone to move deeper into your meditative state and connect you to your intention.

If you’re not into meditation, you can do other things too. Try holding your jewelry in your hands, clear yourself of any unwanted thoughts, and speak your intentions out loud. For instance, if you wish to find love, take a ruby or a piece of ruby jewelry, hold it close to your heart, and focus on your desires around relationships. 

Doing rituals regularly helps remind you of what you want from life.


Revisit and Reset

Keep your jewelry close to you and wear them whenever you can. Revisit and reset your intentions once in a while, because your intentions may change over time. The jewelry you wear can be a constant reminder of your journey. Stay conscious of your goals! 

Remember that life is a meandering walk with plenty of sights to enjoy, not a sprint where everything becomes a blur.

Which of these Intentions speaks to you?


Just like how you can have multiple wants and needs in life, or a chakra necklace can represent all 7 chakras, you can also combine your jewelry to support several intentions. 

As they say - all roads lead to Rome. But, you don’t want to overwhelm yourself either! Two or three intentions can become the supporting intentions for your main goal.

Combine the Spinel and Moonstone Ring with a Custom Birthstone Bracelet. You can even customize your own Custom Multi Birthstone Ring to really focus your energies!

Let's say you recently had a painful breakup and you want to get over it gracefully. You need that clean slate and a fresh start.


You can start with a moonstone to help you with Lightness in Letting Go


Add to it jewelry that has citrine, peridot or spinel incorporated in it, as they can help you focus on joy and the Freedom to be Happy


The set will direct your energies to the freedom to be content and happy. 

Now, isn’t that an awesome way to move on?

Or maybe you recently started a passion project, with multiple avenues to explore. You’re ready to seize your creativity with an opal ring in your hand. You can stack it with a sapphire ring, as sapphire represents wisdom and helps with clarity. With so many ideas in your head, having clear thoughts and focus will help get the job done.

Intentions can change and develop over time, don't be afraid to reevaluate your needs and wants.

Your thoughts and intentions are powerful things. You have immense power to make things happen. The gemstones are simply tools to get you to listen better to yourself. At the end of the day, trust your intuition on what you want in life and what you feel drawn to the most.

You can craft your very own customized intention jewelry to focus your energy. 


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